Reminding myself why need Jazzercise

I was never one for regular exercise, I mean I was already active enough. I ran after my children, spent a lot of time gardening, walked to the stop sign and back every couple of days and just generally led an active life. After going through treatments for cervical cancer I kind of lost some […]

House Party!

I am so excited! I finally got in as a host at House Party!!! My party pack came in the mail yesterday, it was full of goodies to use at my party. I was sent the new Your Shape Wii fitness game. coupons for Jell-O Mousse Temptations, exercise headbands, coupons for my guests for both […]

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder Review

  Anti Monkey Butt! Isn’t that fun to say? It might be fun to say but the reasons you need to use it aren’t any fun at all! If you ‘ve ever suffered from a sore, itchy, red “Monkey Butt” bottom, then you need to try this product! The powder is made specifically to absorb […]