How many cartons are in your fridge? #choosecartons

With the amount of time we spend trying to choose greener and more earth-friendly products, I seem to have missed an important part of the home. Our fridge! It’s pretty shocking to see how un-green the inside of the refrigerator can be! Thanks to Evergreen Packaging, and their recently launched interactive website– ““, I am […]

Take the pledge to save water with Waterpik EcoFlow Shower Heads

This Earth Month (from March 30 – April 30, 2012), you can show how much you care for our world by taking the free Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation pledge to conserve energy and water. When you pledge, you’re not only pledging to save water and money but you could also win great prizes for yourself and […]

Clear off the counters with the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler – Review

We are not the greenest family but we do try to recycle many items such as paper, plastic, cans and glass. In the past I have hated how all of this stuff piles up in the kitchen. We live in a small house and everyone always tosses the items we want to recycle on the […]

New Hefty Basics disposable tableware

Tell me I’m not the only one who has a lazy day! Tell me that you get tired of the dishwashing sometimes too and resort to using disposable tableware. Come on I know you do! Well even though I use it, it doesn’t mean that it makes me feel good about myself. In fact, when […]