Random thoughts about my Christmas Tree – {almost} Wordless Wednesday

Sorry I feel wordy today, skip to the pics if you just want {wordlesss}. Our tree is up. I remembered to buy candy canes before Christmas Eve this year, go me! For some strange reason I keep thinking the tree is a heater. I randomly get up and go stand by it  several times a […]

Merry Christmas!

I meant to do a nice long post about wishing you all a very Merry Christmas but I’ve been sick since Wednesday evening. Blah! Feeling a bit better now and just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful day tomorrow! I hope your Christmas is filled with giggles of children, shouts of glee, ripples of laughter, […]

How to make a Santa Claus bean bag toss game

This may not be the fanciest or most beautiful homemade game ever made, but it IS very functional, extremely easy, and quick to make when you are frantically trying to rack your brain for a fun game that 12 Girl Scouts of different ages can play together! Last year we did Pin the Nose on […]

Make the Holidays magical with iCaughtSanta.com

Sometimes no matter how long you stay up on Christmas Eve, you just can’t stake awake long enough to snap a picture of that sly old St. Nick. If you’ve always wanted a little extra proof that Santa really makes a stop at your house,  iCaughtSanta.com is just perfect to make it happen. For those […]

Wordless Wednesday

I forgot all about this picture taken in December. Pie got a kick out of what our gingerbread cookie initials spelled! Somehow fitting for us girls ;) For More Wordless Wednesday checkTwo of a Kind Working on a Full House, MomStart,5 Minutes For Mom, Extraordinary Mothers, Jolly Mom and Momdot!

Our Gingerbread House (yep we used a kit!)

Pie & Mr.T. successfully built a gingerbread house this weekend! This is a big step up from the gingerbread house disaster of last year! lol   Of course the funnest part is eating the leftover icing! They thoroughly enjoyed every last lick they could squeeze out of that bag! I’ve got to say that that […]