The Best Hubby Ever!

Guess what…. Hubby brought me home a surprise last night! Wanna know what it was? 2 Barred Rocks 4 White Leghorns & 3 Ameraucanas :) I Love Chicks! Mr. Puff likes chicks too :) Lots of chicks.

Not a mutant Chicken….

I swear I’m not feeding my chickens some kind of super growth hormones. I’m not harboring mutant chickens or collecting eggs from some freaky She-Woman hen. No, but somehow , someway, someone out in the coop MUST have one sore bottom! I suspect my Oldest Buff Orpington “Buffy” (yes, real original, I know). Every day […]

Happy Chickens

It actually feels like Spring today! The sun is simply beautiful this morning. Almost all of Mother Nature”s silly white trick of the night before last is melted away, it feels wonderful outside. The sun rise on the frost was gorgeous but I’m still glad that it will soon be gone for another season. I […]