{almost} Wordless Wednesday – a couple of handsome guys #ww

I think I’ve got two pretty handsome looking men here, what do you think? Super G. is the best, he has always taken care of my flock for me when the weather gets nasty. Last weekend he brought one of the roos up to the house so I could check him out. Wow! Can you […]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Think I’ll keep him

You know you’ve got a good one when your hubby tromps out to the chicken coop in a snow squall to stomp out an area for your chickens to walk around in. That’s love :)

Snow Covered Coop – Wordless Wednesday

Last Thursday night we had our first snowfall of the season. When we woke up on Saturday morning, updated to add: WOW! do I even know what day comes after Thursday? I meant on FRIDAY morning when we woke up,  it was to a sparkly, fluffy, muddy, gorgeous day. Funny how snow can make everything look so […]

Backyard chicken coop and pen photos #WordlessWednesday

Well, it was almost wordless ;) Last week Super Genius and I spent a day readying our little flock for winter. We used the tractor to pull the old coop out of the mud pit it was sinking into. The poor chickens had been up to their knees in muck after the month of rain. […]

The rescue of a big green Frog

Thirty Seven. That’s how many pictures I found on my camera today. Thirty seven pictures of…. A Frog. We found this giant frog in the yard yesterday. He must have been on the move because of the heavy rain we had recently. Unbeknownst to him, our yard is not the safest place in the world […]

Have you ever been to a chicken yard sale?

Or maybe a better question would be, Are you sick of hearing about chickens yet? Sorry, can’t help it. I’m convinced every family should own a chicken… or 30. They are funny creatures, they lay eggs, they cluck, what’s not to love? {okay, they do occasionally get into things they shouldn’t, don’t let it deter […]

Life with chickens in the coop

I just thought I’d share a few minutes of chicken owning goodness with you today. Even though I’ve owned chickens off and on for most of my life, is it totally strange that I could still sit outside all day and watch my chickens run around after each other, scratching, clucking, and making us giggle? […]

Things of my backyard haven

In our backyard we have many things. Speckled fluffy silly things clucking cooing, a bit too curious plump and useless wings Things that offer beauty joy and softness petals bursting with good cheer sweetness tempts the buzzing drifting to my ear Things that brood with patience and even warn to stay away Things with whiskers […]

Wordless Wednesday – Pesky Chickens

Four of these shots show chickens where they do not belong. Only one is where it should be. Can you guess who will be having a picnic table ownership war this summer?   p.s. They’ve never had a fascination with the picnic table before! I think it has to do with Mr.Puff {r.i.p.} not being […]