Gluten-Free gifts from

While our family isn’t gluten-free, we do know several people who are. Talking with them makes me realize how much of a struggle it can be to find tasty meal options that fit into their lifestyle. Not to mention the hard time that friends and family members may have finding gluten-free holiday gifts those with Celiac […]

Holiday Cheer from Café Escapes® K-Cup® packs + promo code #YourPerfectCup

There is coffee… …and then there is something else. This, my friends is a whole ‘nother something else that could turn into a total addiction. Café Escapes® K-Cup® packs are so delicious, it’s almost sinful! I recently had the pleasure of trying the six flavors that make up this yummy line of K-Cups from Green Mountain […]

Kusmi Wellness Teas – a perfect gift for the tea lover

Do you know a tea lover? If they are anything like me, they would love to receive tea as a gift. I enjoy trying out new teas and often wish people would gift me tea variety packs so I could try even more! The latest tea that I’m in love with is Kusmi Tea.  For […]

Sweeten your life with the Nevella Sweetness To Go Challenge!

It seems like sugar is in just about everything these days! Lately, I have been trying to cut back on adding extra sugar to the beverages I drink. It is hard! As someone who drinks several cups of coffee and tea each day, I know I’m consuming too much sugar.  This week I tried something […]

Perry’s Ice Cream taste test party! What’s your favorite?

It may be fall but that doesn’t mean my family will stop enjoying our favorite snack — ice cream! I think we could all eat a bowl everyday, if we let ourselves! When we are stocking up on this treat, we gravitate towards one of our favorite regional brands, Perry’s Ice Cream.  Growing up, Perry’s […]

Celebrate World Pasta Day with Barilla Ditalini & White Bean Soup!

What’s for dinner tonight? Why not celebrate World Pasta Day along with millions of others around the globe! Whether it’s spaghetti, linguine, tortellini, farfalle, campanelle or just plain old elbow noodles, be sure to take time to enjoy your favorite pasta dish today! Barilla has got you covered, with their large selection of pasta shapes and […]

Celebrate Fair Trade with Green Mountain Coffee + Keurig Mini Plus #YourPerfectCup

I know I say it every month but I am seriously in love with the Pumpkin Spice K-Cup® packs that I received in my latest K-Cup Ambassador shipment! So much so that I only have one left :(. Even my hubby was thrilled with this month as he was able to sample the Colombian Fair […]

Fall Treats: Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider K-Cup #YourPerfectCup

One of the things I like best about owning the Keurig, is that I can share it with my family. Not only do my hubby and I enjoy brewing our favorite coffees, but my daughter and I have been having  a lot of fun making tea, hot chocolate and now, apple cider!  My daughter and […]

$9.95 Never Ending Pasta Bowl & $14.99 Endless Shrimp

It’s that time of year again –Never Ending Pasta Bowl season at Olive Garden! Sure, pasta is easy to make at home but Olive Garden has the best Alfredo sauce, ever. I wouldn’t miss a chance to eat a plate {or two} of my favorite pasta dish, with no effort on my part! Now in […]

Packing lunch with the Rubbermaid Lunchblox Sandwich kit

Our daughter has packed lunch since she was a Kindergartner. Now in middle school, she still prefers to bring a lunch from home. Over the years we have gone through many {many} different styles and sizes of containers. Some have worked out well, others not so much. This year, we are using the new Rubbermaid […]

A healthier lunch with Barilla Microwaveable Pasta Meals

Now that the kids are finally back in school, you would think I would have more time for me. First, I need to play catch up with all of the work and household chores that I’ve let go over the summer! Often times I’ll be scrambling so much during the day that I forget to […]

Summer in a cup with Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee K-Cup Packs #YourPerfect Cup

Before I owned a Keurig, I rarely treated myself to flavored coffees. My guy prefers his coffee regular, when I would make a pot of Hazelnut or french vanilla in our old drip maker, he would {slightly} complain that he could still taste the flavor */eyeroll. So I suffered. No longer! With my Keurig, I […]