Blog Construction.. BEEP BEEP BEEP

I am monkeying with my blog code so if things look wonky please check back later! I’m trying to get my menu bar links to look just right and fix some other messes I have going on in my code. I may be missing in action for a day!

My First Blog Award!

I have just been awarded this wonderful, lovely blog award from Tammy at Frugal Southern Mom. Actually, I was awarded this 10 days ago!! I didn’t forget, I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and finish this post! So sorry it’s taken me ~FOREVER~ Tammy! Thank you so much for my very first […]

Welcome to the new Blog

I have finally gotten this blog to look the way I want it! I’m so excited to start using it and hopefully I can start blogging a bit more regularly about things people might actually care about!

Searching The Net for your favorite Charity

Do you surf the net? Need to find a specific item? Wanna Google the neighbor just for shits and giggles? Use as your search engine and earn money for your favorite charity just by typing! Every search through earns them money. All you have to do is select your charity and each search […]

Winners List

Hamilton Beach Mixers Giveaway (group giveaway w/ @fabgrandma) TBD Meow Mix & Fresh Step $25 GC Giveaway TBD Kaeng Raeng Giveaway brett Mother’s Day // Moms who love it ALL Giveaway Shana M. HERSHEY’S Easter Candy Basket Giveaway Teresa T. Superior Source Vitamins // 6-pack Giveaway Gala PERK Vent car air fresheners giveaway 2/25/14 Jeanna […]

Misc. Favorites

A running list of just a few fun faves. Image sites, tutorial sites, games, whatever! If I like it and have nowhere else to share it, it may end up o this page! Misc Favorites Image / Graphic Sites I love vintage images and I love free ones even more :) Here are some wonderful […]


So you’ve clicked the Giveaway button on my navigation menu huh? Guess you’re looking for some actual giveaways, am I right? Well sadly there are none here yet :( Don’t get your panties in a bunch! Turn that frown upside down and keep checking back. I promise that there will be giveaways very soon! In […]