5 popular facts about the Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3

Every furniture piece has a story to tell and the Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 is no exception at all. It’s a piece that was made by the iconic Le Corbusier and his team, and we’re here today to dish out some popular facts about it that you might not have known. Let’s take a look:


  • It’s unique origins



More often than not, it’s the history and origin details of a certain furniture piece that make it such a success in the times that come after. The Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 was first designed in the year 1929 – which currently marks more than 50 years of its production. But what’s even more interesting is the fact that it was designed for the Salon d’Automne art exhibition in Paris. Its wide, low-height design was later tweaked and altered in the subtlest of ways, and even to this day, this sofa is known as one of the most prominent mid-century modern furniture pieces in the history of design.


  • It’s three part design team effort



While most people generally believe that the Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 was designed solely by Le Corbusier himself, it’s definitely not the case. Corbusier actually ran his own firm back in the day and he had two partners whose authority and design input he appreciated just as much as his own. They were Pierre Jeaneret and Charlotte Perriand – a pair of hard-core modernists who shared the same ideals and aesthetic as Le Corbusier himself. These two also contributed to the designing of this sofa and are equal participants in its end visuals.


  • Designed like the Lc2



The Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 is part of the larger Cassina collection. It is also referred to as the ‘Le Grand Comfort’ and was actually a modified version of its predecessor; the Lc2 sofa. Both share a general likeness and design elements, but the Lc3 is wider and lower. It shares a design ad structural similarity with the Lc2 and its cushions have been constructed out of thick medium-density foam that is upholstered in commercial grade fabric or authentic leather on all sides – both front and back.


  • Designed to outlast you



An interesting fact about the Le Corbusier Lc3 sofa is that it has been designed in the sturdiest way possible. Its qualitative aspects are one of the major reasons that it has become so timelessly iconic. Its frame structure is made out of high grade tubular stainless steel with a chrome finish while its padding consists of high elasticity dracon wrapped foam with genuine down leather layer. It’s highly easy to maintain and looks absolutely stylish.


  • An extroverted modern piece



Corbusier and his team designed the Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 at a time when sleek, compact pieces of furniture reigned supreme. So, while the base line of this sofa was as modernist as possible, its actual articulation was kept casual and low-brow so that it could be enjoyed by people who wanted a comfortable surface to just sit back and relax on. It became an extroverted modern piece.

So, these are some really interesting facts about the Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3. Its history and timelessness have made it iconic and these few interesting tid bits definitely add more to its personality.

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    George Whitmore says

    The LC3 sofa is one of those timeless designs that’s frankly surprising that it has been on the market for so long and still looks even better than many more current models. I think one of the things that makes the LC3 sofa great is that it represents the most endearing fusion of aesthetics and function in a model that defied the paradigms of classic trends. Mine is a replica of Manhattan Home Design, and I can assure you that it looks just as stunning and high-end as the authentic product.

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