How To Find the Wedding Photographer Of Your Dreams

Weddings come with a lot of different things to schedule and plan. One of those things is the wedding photographer. A lot of couples might want to skimp out on choosing a professional to handle their photos, but your big day should not be handled by amateur photographers in your family. One of the most important days of your life should be photographed by a professional. So don’t settle for anything less than your dream wedding photographer. Here are some helpful tips to help you find the wedding photographer of your dreams.

Ask for Wedding Photographer Referrals

Your best first bet for your strategy in finding a wedding photographer is to ask your friends about their wedding photographer. If you really liked your friend’s wedding photography, don’t be afraid to ask them who they used. Asking your friends is a good move because typically you will have at least somewhat similar tastes and price ranges. Convey Studios, a top Dallas area photographers, is a great option to use for your wedding ceremony and reception in the Dallas area. They will do what they can to make you happy on your big day with different photo packages and photo options.

Check Out Instagram

Instagram may seem like an odd place to start, but it’s a good place to see some examples of wedding photos and to view some wedding photographer’s work in your area. Many wedding photographers place examples of their work on their Instagram profiles. You may want to look up some wedding hashtags to help you come up with some wedding photo ideas. Try looking up the weddings hashtags: #weddinginspiration, #weddingdetails, and #weddingphotography when you are browsing Instagram. You can try other wedding related hashtags as well to find wedding photographers and wedding photo ideas.

Pick a Photography Style You Prefer

Decide what kind of photography style you find most aesthetically pleasing. Do you prefer the traditional and more natural appearance of film photography? Or do you prefer the high detail look of digital photography? Do you prefer planned out and posed photos? Or do you like candid and random photos taken within the moment? If there’s a certain style of photography you prefer, find a wedding photography that is a specialist in that style.

Take Your Setting Into Account

You should consider where the wedding and reception will be when determining what photographer would work best. Consider if the wedding is going to be outside or inside. Think about what the lighting will be like wherever the wedding is. Your wedding photographer should be able to handle the setting of your wedding. You should also only look at examples that are going to be in a similar setting to where and when your own wedding is being held.

Know in Advance What to Ask and What to Expect

A lot of wedding photographers don’t list their prices online for wedding photos. A helpful trick to keep in mind to estimate how much a photographer is going to charge for wedding photos is to assess their portfolios online. An Instagram portfolio with a steady stream of destination weddings with detailed photos will likely mean that the photographer is a pricier option. A wedding photographer with pictures from smaller ceremonies or more typical types of weddings on their Instagram account will be less expensive and more moderate in pricing. You should also be upfront in asking the wedding photographers you speak to about their pricing.

Ask Your Florist

It may seem odd, but it can be a good idea to avoid picking out the wedding photographer straight away. You can choose one wedding vendor to speak with, and from that one vendor alone they can give you recommendations for other weddings vendors. If you visit the florist first to discuss flower arrangements, then you can ask them which wedding photographers they recommend. You could also visit a wedding cake vendor first and ask them their recommendations. Most wedding vendors are fully aware of who else is in the area providing services for weddings and will have some of the best insight into who you can hire.

Choose a Wedding Photographer Who Works Well With You

A very important aspect to hiring a wedding photographer is to make sure you get along well with them. You don’t want a wedding photographer that can’t talk to you or relate to you. They don’t have to be your new best friend, but it might be good for them to at least have a positive communication relationship with you and your significant other.

Review the Photographers Work from Past Weddings

Ask a wedding photographer for their past work so you can look it over and choose what types of shots you like best. You can also look over their wedding portfolios as another way of determining if they have the right vision for what you want.

Make a List of What Type of Photographs You Want

You may want to compile a list of types of photographs that you would want out of your wedding. You could either write out a list or make it on Pinterest. You can give this list to your wedding photographer, so they can show you pictures they’ve taken in those styles and what to cover during your wedding.

Don’t forget the photo albums to maintain all your memories of your big day. Remember that skimping out on your wedding photography isn’t worth it. This day is one of the most important in your life and it should be photographed that way.

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