How to be Strong even during Anxiety?

According to the stats by Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Anxiety is the common mental illness in the US and is affecting more than 40 million adults every year. This number is just about the US, imagine the number we will come across if surveyed worldwide. Mental illness is the major reason behind the rise in suicide and other major issues. Anxiety can develop a complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, daily events, etc. Anxiety when knocks can bring down self-confidence of the person making it hard to deal with. We human beings instantly get trapped in such situations that take us away far from the reality.

Imagine yourself when you are being controlled by something and when it is done with you, it gets busted out of it. This is the most depressing part for an individual and can take away the life of the person. In such situation, gaining self-confidence is much important. Creating courage in such to be self-confident requires patience. Fear keeps us away from discovering our confidence. Below mentioned actions can help in gaining self-confidence despite being in anxiety:

  • Get a list of your character strength:

Every person carries some kind of strength which lies inside but isn’t allowed to come out due to anxiety issues. Working on your positive qualities and abilities will help to wipe out the anxiety. If you find that any of these abilities are losing their strength, work towards it. This will allow you to be positive and bring down the effect of anxiety.

  • Write down Things to do during anxiety:

Take a piece of paper and write down different activities to do during anxiety stage. This will force you to perform them. Actions like talking to people, visiting places, watching your favourite shows, etc., are some of the actions that can be performed. Every day, at least perform any of the written tasks and if budget becomes your constraint then checkout Bydiscountcodes for promo codes and shop all you want or go for a trip.

  • Create Vision:

An individual with no vision is incomplete. We have our own set of visions which we work upon. However, once we fall into the prey of anxiety it becomes difficult to work on achieving these visions. So keep a journal with you having your visions listed. Whether it is your personal life or professional life, having a positive vision and working on it will defiantly help in fighting against anxiety.

  • Think Positive:

A positive mind will always cheer you up and allows you to work towards your goal. Positivity comes when we work towards our growth and stay with like-minded people. It plays a big role in bringing down the anxiety problem in us. Read motivational books, talk with people and throw away the negativity.

To conclude, anxiety takes time to overcome and it takes conscious efforts to keep it under control. So one should not shy away from meeting people or cutting social circle because of anxiety rather live normally and be strong.

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