An Amazing New York Trip

Taking a family trip can be fun. Going on a family trip to New York City is exciting. There is nothing like heading to the “Big Apple” to take in the sites and scenery of the tall buildings and the good food. New York has so much to offer that you would need at least six months to see everything. If you have thought about when would be the perfect time to go, well you could visit anytime. This city has a lot going on all year round. There really is no actual perfect time to be there. Just show up when you are ready to begin your stay and see the city for yourself.

Where Can I Find The Nearest Apple Store

If your laptop is in need of repair or you just want to buy a new one, there are Apple stores everywhere in New York. However, since you are here on vacation, just put find apple store in your iPhone, and it should bring up the closest one available in your location.

Top Eight Things To Do In New York

Aside from getting your laptop repairs, there are other things around do in the city that you would not want to miss. New York is known for having some of the best and most memorable sites that will have your family talking for years to come.

First, head to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. This place honors those who lost their lives in the terror attack on 9/11. It also pays tribute in those who lost their lives in the bombings of 1993. This is a respectable and somber site of two of the most tragic times is United States history. It is also very educational and guests will leave appreciative of what America truly stands for.

Second, why not take in a show on Broadway? There is always a theatrical performance taking place that will leave you highly entertained.

Third, New York has a sightseeing bus tour that lets you hop on and hop off. You and family get to go around town seeing a lot of neat and cool things that the city brings to the table.

The fourth thing to do is check out the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. It is here that you will find valuable art pieces from everywhere. From Egypt to modern art, it will be very hard for you to see all of this in one day. You would need at leave five days to tour the entire territory.

Fifth, if you want to see more history travel to the American Museum of Natural History. You get to explore outer space, and all land and sea exhibits. It is said that the gift shop and cafeteria will catch your eye as well. There is a butterfly area along with dinosaur exhibits. So, there is plenty for everyone in your family to see.

The sixth place to take in is the famous Empire State Building. New York is a headliner for this popular place. This is a tour you can get in eight different languages all the way to the very top and it has well over 16 million colors for its lighting that will leave you speechless. If you are in the city at night, seeing the light show is a must from the second tallest building.

The seventh breathtaking site to tour is the Statue Of Liberty. You can go to Liberty Island and take a 90-minute tour of the symbol of hope. You get to see why it is known as a beacon to people who come to America for a new beginning.

The eight and final place would be the Brooklyn Bridge. Having had seen all of the wonderful places on your list, why not view the city from a different angle that includes a pedestrian walkway. It is here that you and your family can take a close up portrait that says you were there. There is nothing like coming back with plenty of memories to share, and you know this trip was worth it.

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    susan hartman says

    Im a senior and have lived a half hour to an hour away from NYC my whole life. There is always something new to see in the city. I never get sick of going there.

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