Why You Want to Invest in Good Lighting Around Your Home

When you buy a home, basic lighting is a given. Today, every home has standard indoor lights, but lighting can go well beyond the essentials. There are even professionals that specialize in helping homeowners create a lighting design that maximizes efficiency while providing additional benefits.

Of course, some homeowners put lighting on the backburner because playing around with electricity can be dangerous. For any projects involving light fixtures, it’s important to hire local lighting experts like Mr. Electric that are licensed and trained in handling various lighting services.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at why investing in good home lighting is a bright idea.

Create Curb Appeal at Night

Have you ever driven by a house that has great exterior lighting elements? It’s one of the curb appeal factors that many people don’t think about but can make a significant difference in the appearance. A landscaper can tell you that strategically placed lighting can make a home look just as beautiful at night as it does during the day.

Some common places you can add outdoor lighting for curb appeal is along front walks, a flagpole and the front door.

Add to the Home Decor

Lighting can also add to the home’s appearance indoors. Everything from the light bulb wattage to floor lamp finishes adds to the interior decor. Visit a big box home improvement store and you’ll quickly find there’s a huge selection of lighting fixtures to choose from in every style imaginable.

Because lighting fixtures are a focal point, it’s important to make sure they fit with the rest of the decor. In particular, the finish should match other fixtures so they don’t end up clashing. Lighting is also an opportunity to add a bold element like a chandelier that gets attention.

Enhanced Home Security

For most homeowners, home security is a top priority. With more than 2.5 million break-ins a year, it’s an understandable concern.

Many people invest in an alarm system, top-of-the-line video surveillance equipment, and heavy-duty locks. But one thing many homeowners overlook is lighting. Good lighting indoors and out is part of a comprehensive security system that can keep your home safe from break-ins.

There are a lot of ways lighting can enhance home security:

  • Leaving a porch light on so doorways are well-lit at night discourages burglars that are worried about being seen.
  • Motion sensor outdoor lights alert homeowners to activity and can scare away burglars that are trying to move around unseen.
  • Automated indoor lights can make it appear as if people are home when no one is actually home.

The last point is really important given that most burglars target homes they believe are vacant. These lighting features can prove to be vital when you go on vacation, are away from home during the day or put your house up for sale.


Lighting isn’t just about looks. It also makes a home much safer for every family member. Imagine the time before we had an electric grid. Getting around a home after dark wasn’t as easy. Going up and down stairs without good lighting is particularly dangerous.

It’s a good idea to go through your home in the afternoon and at night to look for places where inadequate light could pose a safety issue. Focus attention on high traffic areas and spots where the floor elevation changes or there are transitions. This is where family members are most likely to have trips and falls.

The kitchen is another area of the home where you want to make sure you have good lighting. Workspace lighting that shines down onto the countertops from underneath cabinets can make things safer when you’re using knives and kitchen equipment.

As you can see, lighting is much more than a modern day convenience. It’s a significant factor in improving the appearance, comfort, value, and safety of a home. The good thing is you don’t have to have a huge budget to make improvements and can knock out projects one at a time as your schedule and budget permits.

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