Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Regular Eye Exams

The eyes may be the window to our souls, but they also permit us to enjoy so much around us. Imagine living a life in which you will never be able to behold the sight of a juicy cheeseburger, gaze upon your children as they graduate, see a newborn baby, or even adore your partner from afar. Taking care of your eyes with regular exams no longer becomes a routine but a necessity to hang on to your vision for as long as possible.

Regular Eye Checkups

Visiting your eye doctor on annual basis is a perfect way to maintain good eye health. Your eye doctor can use an eye exam to look for various anomalies, changes to your vision, and even detect other health issues over time. Our eyes do change as we age and if certain things go ignored, you could find yourself in a dire situation. It may not be the most pleasant experience, or simply a hindrance to your busy schedule, but having that relationship with your eye doctor is just as vital as taking care of the rest of your body.

There has been a bit of talk regarding online eye exams and traditional in-person eye exams. While technology is a wonderful thing and an online eye exam can be a helpful tool, we still recommend getting your eye exam from your ophthalmologist. Online eye exams rely on the user being able to understand the results fully and you could miss a small detail that is important to catch early on. Your eye doctor can explain things to you in better detail and in terms, you would understand. You can always use an online eye exam when your ophthalmologist gives you the okay!

You Can Avoid Surgery

Surgery is the most extreme treatment for some eye ailments, such as cataracts. If you maintain regular eye checkups, you can watch for signs that you will need other treatments long before cataracts set in and change your vision permanently. There are times where you take all necessary precautions and early detection isn’t a guarantee to avoiding surgery. It can become an issue with doing a surgery sooner rather than later, age is often a factor in recovery. If you are worried about how well a doctor is going to be able to see into your eye area for surgery, don’t worry! There are amazing surgical lights that guide their way and can even help them find other issues that tests may have missed.

Correcting Your Vision

If you get your eye exam done and suddenly learn that you need contact lenses or eyeglasses, don’t stress too much. Our eyes change as we age and needing corrective lenses is a natural course in life. You can always opt for contact lenses if your vision impairment and eyeballs will allow for it. Eyeglasses are a fashionable accessory to have so enjoy shopping for something that will compliment your clothing. Remember, it’s allowing you to still enjoy all the visions you love the most so corrective lenses are your best friend!

Relieving Your Eyes Of Irritation

Not all eye exams reveal the need for corrective lenses or surgery, sometimes they simply reveal that our eyes are irritated or doused with an infection. When you have developed a good relationship with your eye doctor, going to them when your eyes simply aren’t comfortable becomes a lot easier. Sometimes we don’t even know we have an issue until we see the doctor. And in the case of irritated eyes, we just need some eye drops to relieve the uncomfortable state we are in.

Now that you understand that an eye exam can be your best friend, when are you going to schedule your next comprehensive eye exam?

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