5 Ways to Make Your Residence Smell Heavenly

Who doesn’t love visiting a nice smelling residence? A place with good fragrance can elicit emotions such as being calm, relaxed and happy. Besides that, a good-smelling home is highly suggestive of how fresh and clean it is; not only does a good home fragrance adds character to a house, the right aromas can also make your space feel extra clean and “homey”.

Basically, nice-smelling spaces can help you de-stress. Even if an unexpected company suddenly announces they’ll be over by the evening, the right aroma will be the ideal warmly welcome to lift their mood up.

Let’s look at a few simple yet effective measures to make your house smell heavenly not only as a way to welcome guests but also as a way to indicate that you take pride in taking great care of your residence.

  1. Clear The Waste Disposal

Is there a lingering smell near or in your sink? The sink’s pipes or your waste unit may require cleaning. Clear it up by squeezing some scented washing liquid into the unit, place hot water and turn the sink on. You can also squeeze some lime or lemon-scented rinds through the pipes, followed by water if you prefer using organic/natural products. The hot water will permeate the liquid fragrance through your disposal unit.

  1. Place Fragrances Strategically

We all know that fragrances are an excellent weapon against bad smells. Place a few where you’d least expect them to be. Try the floor beneath your work desk, or any fabric that might be able to absorb and spread its scent. Aromatique and other similar companies offer a range of fragrance products (candles, diffusers, wax melts, etc.) to help homeowners create a distinct ambiance for each space in their home. You can even get large distinctive botanicals to serve as decorations. Additions like these will ensure every visitor gets a pleasant surprise whenever they visit you.

  1. Deodorize Your Carpet

Many homeowners consider carpet as an ideal choice for living room flooring. It muffles temperature swings, adds significant impact to the décor, and is comfortable to walk on. However, it has the capacity to attract pollen, bacteria, mold, and grunge from the sole of your shoes. Over time, those things can produce a bad smell. Hence, it’s an excellent idea to deodorize your carpet. Get a deodorizing powder, sprinkle it on the carpet, wait a bit, and vacuum as you would in the usual routine. Not only will the powder help eliminate nastiness, but it also infuses a fresh, clean smell.

  1. Flip Switches for Added Scent

Try this old realtor idea: Switch off your lights until each bulb cools off. Now put a few drops of vanilla extract on them. When you switch the light back on, the heat will gradually infuse the scent and make your residence smell like fresh vanilla. This works best with incandescent bulbs, which give off more heat than CFL bulbs. It’d also put you a position to bust out one of those hilarious bulb jokes.

  1.  Remove Refrigerator Drips

Drips from lunchboxes and bottles can lead to bad-smelling residue on the cabinets of your refrigerator.  To ensure they remain contained, place a plastic lid under each box and to act like a dustbin and catch drips. Once they get dirty, you can quickly put them in the dishwasher to clean the residue without needing to scrub any compartments of the fridge.

Getting your residence to smell nice isn’t hard. Whether you’re looking for a fresh scent of lavender or something else, you can have a place that feels relaxing and welcoming.

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