Simple Ways to Make Your Biz Look Professional

Small business owners need to present themselves in a specific way to make sure they will be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter if you work out of a truck, from your kitchen table or from your garage, a level of professionalism is needed so that people will treat you like a business professional. If you have been struggling to get noticed and want to make a few changes, here are some tips that will allow you to look professional and get the clientele you desire.

Branding Is Everything

Your brand is your image. McDonald’s is e of the widely recognized brands thanks to their golden arches. They could have a store that doesn’t say McDonald’s anywhere and you will still know you are there because of that simple logo. It is important to spend serious time planning the visuals and messages of your brand. After all, you want to become so ingrained in people’s heads that they will think of you often. Once you have fine-tuned your branding logo, you want to put it on everything: stationery, email signatures, business cards, rubber stamps, tee shirts, coffee mugs, printed materials, uniforms, company vehicles, website, and all of your advertising. The more often you can include your branding and logos, the better you will do. Pro-tip: create a specific email address just for business!

Talk About It

Don’t be shy about your business, share it with everyone who you come in contact with. Let family and friends know what you are doing. If they know anyone who needs your service they will tell that person about you. Join business networking groups in your area to meet other professionals. Many business owners will connect with you and put their clientele in touch with you when they know your services will be useful. Use LinkedIn and Alignable to network and market your business across the globe and in your local area. Share your big news on expansions, new products, new services, or a financial milestone you have reached. Every time you talk about your business, it puts it out there for the world to find out about.

Get A Business Address

It may not sound like a big deal, but using your home address is a no-go for a professional business. Firstly, you don’t want random clientele to know where you live. It would be weird if someone decided to randomly show up at your door and yet it does happen. Secondly, most people don’t take a home-based business seriously. Grab yourself a P.O. Box, or a virtual mailbox, to have all of your mail directed to. It also is helpful for filing your tax return, it’s a deduction and separates your business from your home.

Don’t Use Your Home Number

Most everyone has a cell phone and a few people still have home phones. Regardless, do not use your cell phone or home phone as your business number. You can opt to obtain a separate cell phone for business use only, and have another deduction for taxes, but this may not be the best option if you now have to carry two cell phones. You can opt for a Google Voice number so that you can obtain your messages online and receive those calls on your personal number without the clientele knowing your private number.

Use Social Media

Successful businesses use social media platforms to engage with clientele and attract new ones. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are perfect places to create a business-centric page and engage. It doesn’t take much effort and you can use it as a marketing tool. Remember that most people find businesses based on what others are saying about you. You can see it all right on your page and across the internet. An unhappy customer, who didn’t contact you first? No worries, contact them on their page and speak with them to find out why and how you can improve the service or product. Have really happy customers? They can leave reviews on Facebook for others to see. It’s a tool that is super helpful so use it!

These are just a few secret ingredients to help you stand out as a professional and gain more traction with your service or product. Try out one or two and keep going as you need to!

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