4 Types of Security You Can’t Live Without

In simpler times, we were able to walk out of the house and give no mind to locking the doors or closing the windows. At least, that is the story Baby Boomers tell their grandkids.

These days no one would want to leave their door unlocked even if they thought it was safe. It just seems like a really bad idea. Besides, there is something reassuring about having a key. It is like a member’s only symbol that reassures you that you belong at this exclusive location.

As our vulnerability increases, so must our ideas about security. Just as previous generations had a hard time getting used to the idea of locking the doors and windows, current generations are having a tough time squaring with certain security best practices for the modern age.

Just as we are starting to get our heads around yesterday’s threats, new threats are forcing us to rethink everything all over again. Here is what you need to know about the 4 most pressing types of security you can’t live without:

Home Security

As with so many things, security begins at home. And the best way to ensure it is a home security system. It is shocking just how many people still don’t have any type of dedicated security system.

We have all seen the data showing how much less likely it is to be robbed when one has a monitored security system.

One of the reasons people fail to get an alarm system is that they rent as opposed to own. But that excuse is no longer valid as most of the major security companies offer systems that can be easily installed in apartments without construction or even landlord permission.

If you can put smart home devices into your location, you can have a real security system.

Computer Security

As big of a treat as home burglary represents, an even bigger threat is a person burglarizing your data via your home computer. More people will enter your home via your computer than the front door by an order of magnitude.

Your Windows box and Android phone are vulnerable to attacks in ways that can confound even the technically savvy. For that reason, look no further than the fact that both platforms enjoy overwhelming market share of computing devices worldwide.

It is simply no longer responsible to use these platforms without some type of virus protection, especially when your kids also rely on these devices. Best practices, alone, are not enough. You also have to couple responsible usage with security software.

Social Media Security

As with the lock on your front door, virus protection on your computer is insufficient for the task of keeping your family safe online. It is now commonplace for people to have their social media accounts hijacked by bad actors.

There is a lot to learn about social network security. Two of the biggest threats on social networks are oversharing and keeping your accounts public.

Unless you are running a business account, your social media settings should be contained to friends. And even among friends, you should limit conversations about vacations and trips away from home until after you get back.

The bad guys also take over your friends’ accounts. So you have to practice discretion in a way that borders on paranoia. Because when it comes to social media threats, they really are out to get you.

Identity Security

Identities are largely stolen via account names and passwords. Far too often, the account name is a person’s email address. When you have the option, make it something else. Your email address is too easy to figure out.

The password is usually recycled for many accounts. So if a person gets your password from a low-security site, they will have it for the rest. That means you have to use more secure and unique passwords per site. And that will require some type of password manager.

Security is not just about locking the doors and closing the windows. It is about having your house monitored 24/7/365 by people who can respond even when you are not around. It is about locking down your computer and smartphone with quality antivirus and antimalware protection.

It is about making social media a way of keeping up with friends and giving friends only limited access to you. And it is about protecting your identity by protecting your critical passwords.

Image source: Liam Tucker on Unsplash

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