Choosing Between Skin Tightening Solutions

When you suffer from wrinkles or loose skin you may hate looking in the mirror every morning. Facing the world each day may be embarrassing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to the vastness of the skincare industry, there are many skin tightening solutions available to you. You just have to take some time to figure out which one will yield the best results.

Why Skin Gets Loose to Begin With

The main thing that can cause your skin to become loose and start sagging is the natural aging process. As we get older your body makes fewer healthy hormones and other components. One of those is collagen, which is often called a “building block” of skin. It works together with elastin and other substances to make your skin stretchy and give it its ability to hold its shape. Of course, environmental factors, your lifestyle choices and your general health level may also influence the health of your skin. But, regardless of causes, solutions do exist.

Lasers Provide Some Solutions for Sagging Skin

It’s impossible to talk about skin tightening solutions without mentioning lasers. Of all of the types of skincare equipment for sale in the industry today they are perhaps the most versatile. Some lasers can be used to perform treatments on specific wrinkles you have. Others are capable of strengthening the bonds between all of your skin cells. That will eventually give your skin a better and tighter overall appearance.

When considering laser treatment there are a couple of issues to note. One is that your will need to make several appointments. Another is that the results may take a while to become apparent. Since the laser treatment you have may be focused on internally healing your skin cells you have to allow time for that healing to take place. You may not see results for a couple weeks after treatment in such cases.

Another thing you need to realize about lasers is that their specialties and strengths vary. Ablative treatment is stronger, but it can also present more side effect risks. Non-ablative treatment is less invasive, but also takes longer to produce results. So, be sure to talk to your skincare professional about your laser treatment options.

Triggering Healing Processes Without Laser Devices

There are many ways to heal and tighten your skin without lasers as well. For example, you can have an ultrasound treatment, which involves bombarding your skin with particular sound waves. The object is to essentially stir up your skin cells and get them to begin the healing process. Radio frequency appointments are also forms of sound wave therapy you can try to accomplish the same goal. But ultrasound is typically better at treating deeper tissues.

Another way to tighten your skin without lasers is to have some form of skin injections. Typically injections are separated into two categories, Botox and fillers. Botox is not considered a filler because it actually has paralytic powers that temporarily keep muscles from moving. That creates a smoother appearance to the skin. Fillers are liquids injected in the skin to serve two purposes. First, they literally fill sunken spaces. Second, they often contain medicated or skin-strengthening components that help the skin to heal.

How Comfortable Are Skin Tightening Treatments?

There is no such thing as a completely comfortable skin tightening treatment, other than applying cream to your skin at home. Any clinical treatment for sagging skin involves some type of physical sensation that may not be entirely pleasant. Generally, the level of discomfort is related to the strength of the treatment. For example, sound wave therapy is relatively comfortable, but injections are not. However, a well trained clinician will know how to manage your discomfort. He or she will do so using anything from cooling blasts of air to topical numbing gels, depending on the procedure you are undergoing.

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