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Image via photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image via photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Being a fashionista on a budget is always a struggle when you have expensive tastes. Swooning over each season’s runway looks is something that many fashion fans experience and enjoy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s only a fantasy. Being style savvy also means being a smart shopper, and knowing how to work the sale system to get the look you want. Of course, accessories are what can really take a look from standard retail off the rack blah to designer duds, since the devil is always in the details. If you’re going for a look that might break the bank, there are ways to get around splurging. Here are a few tips about how to shop the right way, and maximize your style for a fraction of the cost if you shopped the runway.

1. Shop the Best Sites

Online shopping is key when it comes to finding the best deals on accessories that can make or break an outfit. Statement necklaces, for example, are all over the runway right now. While it’s easy to go out to a retail store in person and look for sales, that wastes time. You can also get online and try to go for the occasional sale you might find on common retail websites, but there are better discounts to be found. Searching for women’s necklaces on DailySale, on the other hand, is the perfect way to find what you’re looking for at the best price possible. This type of website offers up cheaper prices for a limited time only, making time of the essence for shoppers looking to lock in on the lowest cost. This is a good place to start if you’re working on a strict budget.

2. Styling Cheap Off the Rack Garments

There’s a big difference between being on trend and having style. You can buy the former, but you cultivate the latter, with the foundation being your own unique personality and taste. This is where styling basic clothing comes in, a tactic that every fashionista should know how to do. For example, when Glamour gave fashion blogger Patrice J. Williams the challenge of styling a cheap dress, one of the key ways she revved up the luxe was by adding necklaces. This included both statement pieces as well as smaller ones, but in terms of taking a staple item to the next level, she relied on accessories.

Not only are accessories a less expensive way to change up your look and restocking your closet every season, but you also have better sale options.

3. Combine the Right Metals

Jewelry isn’t only about shape, but also about material. According to Harper’s Bazaar, adding gold accessories to any outfit can take a look from blah to beautiful in the blink of an eye. The convenient thing about gold is that, even though it’s a precious metal, due to its popularity there are many different versions of how to get your hands on it more cheaply. For example, gold-plated necklaces are a great way to still wear gold, but skip the hefty price tag. You can find even better deals online for gold jewelry, since there are so many vendors that stock it. Gold is a beautiful way to add some serious bling to an outfit.

4. Keep the Basics Basic

If you can add a necklace to pump up the style factor of a look, then skip the overpriced t-shirts and plain skirts. You’ll find that walking into any retail store in-person will yield a dearth of cotton t-shirts and other staples that astronomically marked up. The same goes for off the rack clothes that aren’t even made very well, but still carry a hefty price. A key principle to hold onto when you’re shopping is never to over pay for basics. If you need a boost in your wardrobe, always default to accessories first, and then clothing second. Of course, sometimes garments simply need to be replaced, but if you’re just looking for a style boost, don’t waste your money on marked-up junk. Get online and browse accessories first.

Online shopping can be a gamble if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This is goes double for accessories, since it’s even easier to purchase given there’s no issue with fit or sizing. However, the key to obtaining the right accessories to give yourself the aesthetic you want is browsing conservatively. You should also time yourself the right way and stay on top of what deals are available. If you’re using a site that gives time sensitive sales, then it’s important to cut out some time to really sit down and dedicate yourself to browsing with an agenda. Figuring out what you’re looking for can be helpful, even if you end up finding a piece that you may not have expected. With so many options available at deep discounts, you’re destined to find that perfect statement accessory that will take your look to a whole other level for a minimal amount of cost.

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