How To Grow Your Partnership As Man And Wife



When two people get married, it is in sickness and in health, good times and bad. That means when there are problems, both of them need to get together and work on things. And when one of them has issues that may be personal, it’s still a problem for both of them and whomever isn’t having the problems still needs to step in and help.

Sometimes husbands can’t always keep it all together. Whether there is a job loss, a health problem, or something else, sometimes as a wife you need to step in and take the reins and help your man make it through the tough situations and help him overcome his demons.

In Sickness And In Health

If your husband has an illness, new or something he has had for a while, he may need extra attention sometimes, or help with certain issues. Men sometimes aren’t as good about expressing their feelings or pain, so you need to pay more attention to his behavior.

Sometimes illness or job loss can lead to other problems, like drug or alcohol addiction. There is help for people that go through these kinds of challenges, and you can get treatment for dual diagnosis for men who are suffering from some sort of psychiatric illness (like depression or PTSD) while also dealing with a substance abuse problem. He doesn’t just need the help of a doctor or a therapist though, he needs his family and you to stand by him.

For Richer Or Poorer

For some couples, the loss of a job can rip a marriage apart, but for others there are somewhat easy answers to keep it together. For couples that are strong it can be as easy as looking at things differently and finding a way to get around the job loss. Maybe it’s time for him to stay home with the kids for a while and you become the breadwinner. Or maybe this is the perfect opportunity for him to go back to school, and you happen to have enough in savings to get by for a few months.

Money issues can lead to arguing, and too much arguing is often one of the front runners for people filing for divorce. Even if things seem fine now and no one is on the verge of losing their jobs, take some time to start saving up a nest egg because you really never do know what tomorrow holds.

Till Death Do Us Part

Marriage is about a partnership, and it’s also about giving the best of the world to your children, if you have them. That means making things work even when it seems like nothing is working. That also means not sharing all of the problems and hardships with your children. Your five-year old doesn’t need to know that you are having problems, they just need to know that they are loved.

Work through things together, no matter which of you is having the problems. Husbands need their wives by their side, even more so when something is wrong. Remind him how much you and your children need him when things are bad and he turns to drugs or alcohol, or even someone else, to help fight his demons. Remind him how much he is loved and that you made a pledge to stand beside him through thick and thin.

Sometimes the only therapy a person really needs is to know that someone cares about what they are going through and is going to be there for them through it, and after it. You don’t have to be able to understand the issue, but you should be there to help him through it. For your marriage, and for your family.

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