Dad gift ideas – for every occasion

Father’s day is the big dad gift holiday, but it is by no means the only time you should be thinking about what to get the man of the house. Birthdays, Christmas, and even Valentine’s days all give you the opportunity show dad how much you care.

But, when it comes to gifts, you don’t want to do the same old, same old. Sure, socks, ties, and cologne are useful, but they are also dull and kind of impersonal. Instead, how about giving him something that says you really know father best.

For the Foodie Dad

Due to the rise of the stay at home dad, more and more men are taking cooking beyond the backyard barbecue. The How to Cook Everything cookbook series is perfect for any man who likes to cook ­­from the neophyte taking his first baby steps into the kitchen, to the seasoned amateur caterer. There’s the basic volume for the beginner, a vegetarian volume, and even a volume devoted to fast dishes. The books are also available on iOS, so you can save the environment while giving your guy a bunch of new recipes and cooking techniques to try.

If his interests run more toward home brewing, you can get him a beer or wine making kit; but if you really want to push the envelope, consider a homemade gin kit.

If your guy doesn’t cook, there are still plenty of unique gadgets for the food and drink lover in your family, like the Chillsner beer chiller – a spike that fits into any standard beer bottle, instantly cheers the beer, and keeps it at the perfect drinking temperature.

For the Sporty Dad

Yes, we said that socks are boring and impersonal, but we consider these Therafirm compression socks he exception for the runner in your family. Not only will these socks help reduce food swelling, they also encourage blood flow for a swifter recovery time. The socks come in dress and sport styles, so he can wear them when he’s running, and under his favorite suit on the recovery days as well.

For the days that he has to rush from work to the gym, he can wear one of these Under Armor polo shirts. They come in a variety of colors that are perfect for a casual Friday in the office, but have the Under Armor four­way stretch and moisture wicking technology that will stand up to the toughest workout. He can go from work to workout with one less item that he has to change out of.

If he loves golf, consider getting him the SKLZ gold flex strength and tempo trainer to help him improve his swing and his overall game.

For the Renaissance Dad

If you don’t want to saddle your dude with labels, or if there are so many things he likes that you can’t pick just one, consider a box subscription service like Bespoke Post. For $45 per month, the folks at Bespoke Post assemble boxes based on specific themes and ship them out. Your dad can pick his theme, such as Lumberjack, or Swagger, or he can let them pick. Each box comes filled with several items depending on the theme: such as a hatchet, a leather sheath, and gun oil in the Lumberjack box. As his interests change, so can the boxes.

If you’re not up for a subscription, you can also buy a single box for $55.

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