Welcome to the family, Steve the Cat! #WalmartLovesCats

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Steve wasn’t an intentional addition to our family. I found him in our backyard, one day this past November. He was scrawny, smelly, cold & hungry. I brought him into our garage, gave him some food & water, & set about trying to find his previous owners.

Turned out no one knew anything about an abandoned four month old kitten. After a few weeks, I gave up, gave in, & accepted the inevitable ~ Steve was one of us.


Steve is a lovebug.

He’s perfectly happy to receive almost constant cuddles & attention. Locked him out by shutting a door? He’ll scratch at it until he’s let in.

Did I walk by him without stopping to give him a pet? He’ll bat at my leg ’til I pick him up & pay attention to him.

We sometimes call Steve our “dog dressed in a cat suit.” At times, he displays some very dog-like behavior – he follows people around the house “barks” at the chipmunks & bunnies outside the window, & scratches at closed doors to be let in.


One thing Steve definitely shares with other cats is his love of my daughter’s braid. Every cat we’ve ever met thinks that is the bestest, most wonderful cat toy ever, & Steve is no exception. Apparently, there is just something so wonderfully satisfying about batting it around. If she’s sitting so he can reach it, then it’s HIS toy. (Don’t worry, Steve doesn’t scratch or pull, & my daughter doesn’t mind him playing with her hair)

Steve’s absolute favoritest “people” to get attention from are his canine brothers. And while Shadow & Bingo aren’t so into it ~ our Chihuahua, Gizmo, thinks hanging out with Steve is great fun. They love love playing with peacock feathers together & endlessly chasing each other through the house.

I love having Steve in our lives. I don’t, however, love having Steve’s litter box in our lives.

If you have a cat you know, it’s not a fun job keeping the litter box clean & not stinky. I usually scoop it once or twice a day & fully clean it a couple of times a week. Recently, Fresh Step® fast acting cat litter has been making my life a whole lot easier, (& much better smelling) by helping to eliminate litter odor instantly.


Since Steve found his way to us, he has filled out nicely & he’s no longer underweight. Having access to a healthy well balanced cat food like Meow Mix® Tender Centers cat food has definitely helped him catch up to the size he’s supposed to be.

meow mix cat food and  fresh step cat litter

Conveniently, both Fresh Step and Meow Mix can be found at Walmart. Yay, one-stop shopping! In an upcoming post, I’ll tell you how Walmart is teaming up with Fresh Step & Meow mix, to provide tips on how you can improve & strengthen your relationship with your own little lovebug.


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  1. 1

    Awwww, Steve is super cute. I am so allergic to cats, so I can’t have one, but I am super jealous.

  2. 3

    The right cat food is important. Glad to hear he’s healthy and happy. He’s probably glad you gave up looking for his former owners. ;)

    • 4

      He does seem to mostly satisfied with the amount of cat worship he receives ;)

      • 5

        So funny! I read it and re-read it yesterday knowing I had something wrong… I just didn’t even see that it was a guest post…but I did know that wasn’t Henrietta’s daughter, lol, from reading the blog. Never mind me, I can’t even blame it on a lack of coffee since the post comment was at almost two in the afternoon. ;)

    • 6

      I’m pretty sure Steve lives the life of luxury at my sister’s house!

  3. 7

    We use to have a dog dressed in a cat suit too! Onyx would go running to answer the door. She also played fetch- crazy cat!

  4. 8

    very cute cat! He seems like he is really spoiled and loving it

  5. 9

    I love cats and dogs. We have 2 dogs and 1 cat and I want a kitten. LOL

  6. 10

    What a sweetie! We have two dogs and I would have more if I could!

  7. 11

    I used to hate cats until we moved into our current and a kitten adopted us and then her mom came to stay and then her mom had a kitty and then the once kitten had kittens under our deck. Oh I think we are over our heads. They let us pet them, but i’m wondering if we try to pick them up to put them in a box to take them to get fixed what they will do.. Their hiss scares me!

  8. 12

    Steve is so cute! And he looks like the cat on the bag of food. Glad he found a forever home with your family!

  9. 13

    We had a cat that barked. Yours is cute.

  10. 14

    I remember hearing, “you own a dog, and cats own you” growing up. They seriously do live the wonderful life!

  11. 15

    It’s funny how sometimes our “family” finds us. I’m glad that you have Steve, messy eater and all ;)

  12. 16

    Steve’s so handsome! Does he ever try to investigate the wild animals outside when he sees them through the window?

  13. 17

    It’s great you took him in. He sounds like he fits right in with the family now!

  14. 18

    Awww. Steve is precious. He sounds a lot like my sweet Cricket.

  15. 19

    I have two cats. Fresh Step is the only litter I buy.

  16. 20

    Steve looks like such a sweetie! We’re big fans of Fresh Step too. It’s great litter!

  17. 21

    SO sweet! I love that you gave Steve a home. So many animals out there in need.

  18. 22

    Steve is such a cutie! We love Fresh Step, it’s the best!

  19. 23

    Steve is a very cute little guy. Love the way he eats!

  20. 24

    Glad Steve found a good home! Looks happy now :)

  21. 25

    We have two cats. The older one, Kissa or Kisumirrimiau as his longer name is called, lol, hates our two dogs. The youger one, Peluche, loves to play with out chihuahua. They were puppies at the same time and became great friends.

  22. 26

    Love the story! Steve is so cute. Lucky you have a cat like that ;-)

  23. 27

    So funny that he acts like a dog. My middle son wants to get a cat again.

  24. 28

    One of my dogs does that with her food. She knocks it out of the bowl, pushes the bowl around the whole room and even sometimes picks up a mouth full and takes it to the other room lays down and then spits it out and eats each piece . Silly animals!

  25. 29

    What a cute kitty! I’m so glad he found his forever home with your family.

  26. 30

    I love one stop shopping and both of these great products! My baby Bella is messy when it comes to the litter box she liked to throw it out of the box while doing her business . Thank goodness for the covered boxes :)

  27. 31

    Steve is too cute! It’s amazing how much joy a pet can bring into your life.

  28. 32

    Aww Steve is cute! My step-son is allergic so no kitties for us =( Just a giant dog who sheds everywhere, lol. He’s a lovebug too though!

  29. 33

    Your cat has quite the personality – adorable! I’m glad he found the perfect family.

  30. 34

    I agree with you that the right cat food and kitty litter make a big difference in a cat’s quality of life

  31. 35

    I wish everyone could be as generous as you for opening your hearts & your home to a poor displaced cat. If only every cat on the street could find a home.maybe Walmart & Meow Mix could bring to light the fact that neutering & spaying is humane & necessary. Great Story!

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