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Planning meals for the family can be stressful enough, without worrying about tallying up exactly how many calories or grams of sugar are going into your dishes. The more recent addition of The Facts Up Front label, to many of our favorite brands, is a positive step in helping families stay informed about the products they put into their carts.

As a busy mom who wants to get her grocery shopping done quickly in order to provide my family with delicious meals, I appreciate the convenience of having a front-of-the-pack label, such as Facts Up Front.

The label is highly visible and makes it very easy for consumers see at a glance exactly what you are buying, and how it fits into your family’s diet. The Facts Up Front label includes important nutrient information from the package’s Nutrition Label Panel such as calories per serving, saturated fat, sodium and sugar. If a product qualifies as a “good source” of a nutrient by providing more than 10% of the daily value per serving, then it will also contain that information.

As a nation with over-sized portion mindset, we need to start taking care of ourselves and teaching our children the importance of being aware of what we use to fuel our bodies. Facts Up Front is a great tool to begin teaching kids what they should look for at the grocery store.

Facts Up Front nutrition label

So, how do you stack up against the facts presented in the infographic above? If you are anything like me, you learned that you may want to do some more research on building a nutritious diet for your family. The website is a rich source of information and tips for doing just that.

The user-friendly site was launched in April of 2013 and provides tools such as a Nutrition Calculator, easy and delicious Recipes made with products that use the Facts Up Front label, as well as information about the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute.

Also, be sure to check out the Interactive Label to learn more about each nutrient featured on Facts Up Front and how they can play a role in a beneficial diet. Then, take a fun Interactive Quiz, to identify more learning opportunities.

Follow these simple Shopping and Meal Planning Tips featured in the Facts Up Front video above, to get your family started on the right track to a nutritious and healthful lifestyle.

6 Simple & Informed Shopping and Meal Planning Tips

  • More nutrients needed for good health. When shopping, look for potassium,fiber, calcium, protein, iron, and Vitamins A, C and D rich products. The Facts Up Front labels will display this information, so you can make informed selections.

  • Think lower saturated fats, less sodium and less sugar. Use leaner cuts of meat, enjoy seafood twice a week, use more herbs and spices over salt to season foods and drink water when you’re thirsty instead of sweetened beverages.

  • Half of your plate should be fruits and veggies. This includes fresh, frozen, canned and dried products, so get creative!

  • Revamp favorite family recipes. Substitute whole grains and low-fat or fat-free dairy products for their less nutritious counterparts.

  • Measure portion sizes. Pay attention to the size of your portions! Protein should be about the size of a deck of cards and carbs like baked potatoes are best around the size of your computer mouse. Use the Facts up Front labels to help guide your selections.

  • Get the family involved. The family that cooks and learns together will likely be more open to trying new and healthful foods. Let the little ones mix up a salad or suggest meal idea. Together, you can enjoy the food that you choose and create.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Facts up Front. The opinions and text are all mine.

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