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books-androidTechnology has transformed the way we live. From communication to entertainment and far beyond, there is a wealth of technological options to satisfy our every need. For the most part these advances are interpreted as positive but there are some people who feel nostalgic for the simple yet tactile things like the smell of an old book or the sound of a page turning.

In the end, the conveniences of technology easily compete with if not completely outweigh the charm of antiquated rituals. One such example is the simple act of reading, which has proven incredibly successful in a digital world. Products like the Kindle are fantastic for readers but don’t offer the functionality and diversity of Android tablets, and more and more consumers are using their tablets as readers with the help of a few great apps.

Kindle App

Amazon has completely saturated the market of online reading. Not only are their Kindle devices completely ubiquitous in their own right, Amazon also offers one of the best reading apps for other tablets as well. The text is easily readable and the frills are minimal so the reader has the chance to become fully engrossed in their story of choice.

Mantano Reader

This app throws modesty to the wind and offers users sophisticated style and polish. From the flashy menus to the actual reading itself, the interface is clean, clear and really quite pleasing. Functionally the Mantano can display EPUB and PDF files so there are plenty of titles available. Realistically, the design of the Apps interface is enough to win over even the most hesitant digital readers.


As free Ebook readers go, FBReader is at the top of the heap. With stellar user ratings across multiple online platforms, this app is pleasing audiences left and right. The FBReader supports more file formats than other readers offering users the flexibility to view EPUB, RTF, FB2 and MOBI files without any type of conversion process or software. There are also some great customization options with this app including fonts, paragraph settings, margins, text colour and many more.

EBook apps for Android tablets are some of the greatest apps available and having consistent access to a personally curated library is one of the few effects of technology that offers cultural enhancement. Ebook apps have proven to be successful in their quest to win over traditional readers and entice a new generation of readers to do more of it, easily. These types of apps are typically some of the fastest available and don’t drain a tablet battery so they can last for hours and hours of reading time without charging.

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