Customize your sound experience with TRACKS on-ear headphones! #giftguide

SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS interchangeable headphones

My teen daughter has been begging for a high quality pair of headphones this year. I had just about given up the hope of finding her the right pair when I was contacted by SOL REPUBLIC to review a pair of their amazing headphones — TRACKS. I’ll be wrapping these headphone up and giving them to her for Christmas but first, I HAD to test them out, of course!

She’s lucky I’m not keeping them.

First of all, I absolutely love that TRACKS are the first interchangeable headphones available! This means we use SOL REPUBLIC’s Remix program to buy each piece separately – the sound engine, cables and headbands — to create our own custom sound experience! Want to match your favorite outfit, purse or event? Choose from several available colors and designs to make coordination easy!

SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS interchangeable headphones

SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS interchangeable headphones

And not only do TRACKS look good — they truly sound amazing! I am not joking when I say that when I put these headphones on and pressed play button — I was blown away! The sound quality is simply stunning, I had to sit down and say “Whoa” to myself. Then {almost} regret my decision to gift them to my daughter — she is going to freak out!

Heck, I did and they aren’t  even mine! Here are all the TRACKS by SOL REPUBLIC features that I am loving:

  • Forget where you are with the super comfy noise-isolating ear cushions that are just the right size with nice squishy padding.
  • Virtually indestructible headphones — they’re made with advanced polymer so the “FlexTech™   Sound Track headband can take all the abuse you can give! 
  • The Tracks V8 Sound Engine Speakers give you all the power you want with deep bass you can feel and crystal clear clarity so it feels like you’re in the same room with your favorite artists – Rock out!
  • Super compatible 3-button Mic + Music inline control means you get great audio and mic use with most devices that use a 3.5mm jack — that includes newer generation Android, Blackberry and Window devices.
  • Super stylish customization! Tracks can be Remixed with different colors, limited edition prints and more to make your headphones as unique as you are!

SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS interchangeable headphones with V8 sound engines

Now, Shhhh! Don’t tell her that mom was rocking out on her gift!

I am so going to have to borrow these awesome headphones from time to time — or just buy my own pair in my favorite colors!

SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS interchangeable headphones teen gift ideas

Where to buy TRACKS and how to stay in touch!

I think TRACKS by SOL REPUBLIC are the perfect gift for ANY music lover, young or old! The color combinations and extremely high sound quality will excite everyone who has the chance to try them. TRACKS are available from and they are a real steal at just $99 — there is no reason to spend more when you can get this quality at a great price!

Be sure to check out SOL REPUBLIC on Faceboook and @solrepublic Twitter for great music news and promos.



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  1. 1

    Those look really comfortable. I would love to rock a pair of these when I’m running.

  2. 2

    I never thought the quality of headphones made a bit of difference until I tried out my son’s last year. His made my cheapies feel like, well, cheapies. :) High quality headphones are one of those things you don’t think matters until you’ve tried them, and then you never want to go back. These look great!

  3. 3

    Thanks for sharing this review. I know that my kids and husband would all love a pair. It’s nice to see such quality at an affordable price.

  4. 4

    I need a pair like this, I can’t stand earbuds. My ears are so small so they constantly fall out. These look fabulous.

    • 5

      I am the same way! Earbuds will NOT stay in my ears at all. I did find a specific pair made for sport use that twist into your ear with the rubber cap and they do stay in when I run or exercise. They are comparable to these but I do prefer a headphone over earbuds at home!

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