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belly scratching dog

I talk about our Ginger dog on the blog and my social media accounts all the time, so I know you'll remember how much she loved ALPO® wet dog food. Since trying it, for the first time, a few months ago, she's had the chance to enjoy several other flavors. And, as her momma, I can always tell how happy her ALPO® makes her by that silly toungue-hanging-out happy dance that she does {bucking hippo for the win!}. 

But, Ginger isn't the only dog who knows that ALPO® Brand Dog Food  uses quality ingredients to help support a dog's happy healthy life! Ingredients such as wholesome grains, healthy protein sources and accents of veggies all contribute to form a 100% complete and balanced diet for each stage of a dog's life. I wonder what our Ginger would learn if she was part of one of the blog dog focus groups? 

Think that's funny? See what else our focus group has to say about our favorite blogger dogs. Dogs like Hannah and Roxie know that ALPO® wet dog food helps them keep a shiny coat and strong teeth and bones. And, if they're anything like Ginger, I know their owners see a whole lot of tail wagging and slobbering when a delicious can of ALPO® pops open!

My favorite blogger dog video has to be of Toby! He's such a pretty boy and I love his owner's blog {therebelchick.com}!  You can Watch more blog dog videos and get inspired to share photos and videos of your dog with #HappyStartsHere.

Make sure to check out the ALPO® Instagram page to see what makes other folks' dogs leap with joy! Then, go on and share your happy dog videos and photos on your networks with the #HappyStartsHere hashtag to spread the happiness!

How does your dog show you that they're loving life?


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  1. 1

    We just got our dog a few weeks ago, but he seems to prefer dry food. And, hey, whatever makes him happy, right?

  2. 2

    I always enjoy seeing Ginger. She is such a sweetie.

  3. 3

    lol at the video, nice panel participants. :)

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