The Canon Pixma MG7120 Wireless Photo All-in-One Printer – Printing on my terms #CanonPIXMA

This is a sponsored conversation inspired by the Canon PIXMA MG7120. All thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% my own. For more information on the new Canon Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One printers, visit

When I was recently contacted by Canon to review the new PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Photo All-in-One Printer, I almost said no. Only because I already owned an older Canon printer and I loved it! I’ve been a big fan of Canon’s printers for awhile now so in the end, the features on this new model intrigued me — I caved and told them to send the printer on over! Great choice on my part since this PIXMA Cloud printer is amazing!

Set up was extremely easy — I took the printer out of the box, installed the ink cartridges and configured the wireless connection using the on-screen guide and set up cd. It may have taken me 15 minutes, at most. The printer didn’t have a problem finding and connecting to my wireless network at all. This printer does not come with a USB cord so if you’re set on having a hard connection to your pc, you’ll need to supply your own — not a big deal as most of us have a few of these lying around the house! 

MG7120 Canon PIXMA printer

My old printer used 5 ink cartridges so I was surprised to see that the MG7120 has 6 ink cartridges– yellow, cyan, magenta, dye black, gray (ups the detail in color and black & white photo prints) and pigment black (for crisp text printing). Having six tanks means I only replace individual tanks as needed. I like this as it feels like there’s less ink waste. The ink tanks were simple to install and the cartridge alignment was very quick.

I really love the sleek design of the printer. There are no buttons that stick up, the printer is controlled via the 3.5″ inch touch screen and on/off backlit touch buttons on the front panel. The printer comes in black, brown, red or white so you can pick your favorite! I like that this printer has two front trays to hold a large variety of paper and photo sizes — the top tray holds 4×6 and 5×7 sheets, 3×5 index cards and when flipped over, offers the ability to print on cd or dvds. The bottom tray holds larger photo papers, envelopes and your main printer paper supply.

The scan bed is a nice size, I’m not too keen on how low it’s recessed — that dip could make it hard to scan larger items. As I don’t need to san huge items very often, this isn’t a large con, in my case. The printer footprint isn’t too large with the base measuring about 18 ½” x 14 ½” — it fit fine on the second shelf of my small corner desk unit — so I’m happy! And since it has the double front tray, I don’t have to worry about making room for a rear tray like I had to with my old printer.

Canon PIXMA MG7120 review

What makes the Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Photo All-in-One Printer so great for a busy family is its ability to print almost anything from pretty much anywhere.

Using the PIXMA and the PIXMA Cloud App, I can wirelessly print photos and documents right from my mobile phone and tablet devices. Using the mobile app, or the printer’s LCD touch screen, I can browse and print directly from my favorite social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, Dropbox, Twitter and more. The printer doesn’t even need to be connected to my computer when using the Cloud Link!

I can use Apple AirPrint to print crochet patterns from my smart phone while I’m lying in bed at night — not that I ever browse the web on my iphone when I’m supposed to be sleeping *insert shifty eyes here* and hubby is snoring away. If I did do such a thing, it would be wonderful to get up in the morning to a stack of printed patterns waiting for me (= Check out how nice a printed web page looks!


I also downloaded and used the PIXMA Printing Solutions App from my smartphone to choose and print several photos from my camera roll. It was effortless and the borderless photos turned out beautifully with crisp professional quality color. I am very pleased with the quality and plan to print photos at home to fill out the large photo collage frame I’ve been waiting to order prints for — now I’ll just print my own!

The PIXMA Printing Solutions app that I downloaded is also very useful for printer maintenance — I can use it to check my ink levels, order ink, read the printer manuals, adjust printer settings and more.

So far, ink use seems to be great. I have printed around 48 color photos and images, several sheets of paper, a few recipes, a few 8.5” x 11” sepia colored photos and still have lots of ink left to play with.

PIXMA MG7120 cloud printing

The MG7120 also comes with My Image Garden software — it includes creative photo templates, Special Filters and access to Creative Park Premium for even more creative inspiration. The software also uses facial recognition and lets you organize the photos on your pc into a calendar view for easier browsing.

The Auto Power On feature is really practical — the printer turns on, opens the tray and prints automatically when I send a photo or doc to it.  There are so many other features that I haven’t even touched on — such as Auto-Duplex printing, Full HD Movie Print to transform HD movie clips into prints, Memory Card Slot, optional Quiet Mode for late night printing and more – this printer is just loaded!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a few crafts and gifts made easy with the Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless All-In-One printer. I hope you’ll check back in to see what I have come up with!  


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  1. 1

    Oh wow, so you can print pictures from your phone on this? How awesome.

  2. 3

    WOW!! I love that you can print straight from your phone! This is what I’m looking for! I see that you have an iPhone and I wonder if the android phones should work..

  3. 6

    What an awesome printer! We have a regular old printer but I’ve wanted one of those fancy ones that prints out photos for so long. Maybe it’s time to upgrade! :)

  4. 7

    I have the MG6320 and I love it!

  5. 8

    Printing straight from the phone I love it. We have a canon all in one printer and fax and I have never even printed any pictures from it.

  6. 9

    Now this is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing the review!

  7. 10

    Looks like a great printer. The pictures look awesome!

  8. 11

    i am a canon camera girl, and have never tried a canon printer ! crazy!! this looks AWESOME. i would love to give it a try soon- our old one will be giving up soon

  9. 12
    Chrishelle Ebner says

    This Cannon printer sounds pretty cool. I like the app that allows you to print pics from your phone. Great review.

  10. 13

    I totally need to get one of these! Sounds so easy to use. Great photos.

  11. 14

    This looks so easy to use! Love it, definitely wouldn’t mind if Santa left one under my tree!

  12. 15

    I’m looking at a Pixma Pro-100 right now, after the guy at my local photo shop showed me what it can do.

  13. 16

    This sounds wonderful. I have a printer and it truly is awful! It prints sketchy.. when I troubleshoot it only makes a temporary fix. Boo! I need this one!

  14. 17

    Wow, 6 cartridges? I have never had more than three. I am sure it’s helpful though, so you can get the most use out of each color. And I love the all-in-one capabilities – makes the printer SO much more useful.

  15. 18

    I’ve got my eye on the wide-format Canon Pixma printer – maybe Santa can defy the laws of physics and fit it in my stocking.

  16. 19

    I just bought one of these for my son for Christmas! :)

  17. 21

    We have one of these printers. It prints amazing pictures. We love it!!!

  18. 22

    Ohh I just saw one of these on sale at Walmart! I almost bought it! Maybe Santa will bring me one! ;)

  19. 23

    I am in the market for a new photo printer, so this post ame at a good time for me. Thanks for sharing this information.

  20. 24

    Wow! those pictures are crystal clear!! My grown kids (and my teen too) would love being able to print from their phones!

  21. 25

    We’re in the market for a new printer, the canon pixma looks like something I need to take another look at!

  22. 26

    This looks like the printer of my dreams!

  23. 27

    This seems to be a good printer I should definitely look into as a printer to buy.


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