October Running Recap #icandothis

I was inspired to write this post while participating in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Dove. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating. Opinions are genuine and 100% my own.

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We woke up to a beautiful coating of snow on the trees and ground, this morning. It’ so pretty, even though I know come mid-January, I’ll be trying hard not to curse the snowy ice-covered roads while driving my son to college. The snow has reminded me that winter is on its way and that in turn has me worried about keeping up with my running workouts. I am notorious for slacking off during the coldest months of the year. I’d really rather just hibernate. But, like anything that hibernates — I pack on the unwanted pounds.

So, I am going to start a blog post check-in. It may be weekly, it may be bi-weekly, or it may just be my monthly holding  myself accountable post — one way or the other I am hoping to stay on track this winter. 

October was a great month. My running buddy and I made it a point to get to the treadmills at the school at least one to 3 times a week. According to my workout record, I managed to log 34.83 miles over the 31 day period –WooHoo! Since starting up again in September, I have definitely increased my stamina. Back on September 25th, it took me over 39 minutes to run 3.02 miles. Yesterday, I made 3.2 in 38.4 minutes. 

I think that the way we run has changed for the better as well. At first, we would set the treadmill for the 5k Lake Loop and when we reached 3.2 miles — that’s it, we were done! 

Mid-October, my running buddy got the idea to just set the time for 45 minutes and do what we could. What a difference! Now, I feel like I’m pushing myself so much harder, trying to reach a bigger number before that 45 minutes is up. My best distances for the month of October were: 


  • October 25th: 3.96 miles
  • October 29th: 3.89 miles
  • October 23rd: 3.78 miles

Grrrr! I am determined to make it to 4 miles in 47 minutes during November! I CAN DO IT! You might tell me to just go ahead and keep going, if I’m as close as I was on October 25th… but that’s not what I’m challenging myself to do. I don’t want to add more time to my 45 minutes + 2 minute cool down. I want to accomplish what I set out to do, in the time I’ve given myself — if that makes sense?

Sometimes, I really cannot believe that I’m actually running {well, maybe some would call it more like jogging but that doesn’t sound as cool!} — in school I could barely walk around the track in gym class and the one time I did manage to run one loop is a highlight of my gym class days and one I remember to this day. Sad, eh? 

Now that I am running, I am also sweating — a lot! this sweat is different than the sweat I used to get at Jazzercise {miss that so much!} but it’s still good. It’s a continuous trickle on some days and a complete downpour on others. And so I do not want to smell while I’m running and sweating — I don’t think my running buddy would appreciate the ride home if I did!

Remember last month, when I showed you my armpit? Well, I’m still using Dove Clear Tone Deodorant, exclusively. In fact, I’ve started keeping it in my bag, so I can make sure to keep offensive odors at bay.

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant gym bag

Because I am wearing a sleeveless workout tank most running days, I must keep up with the shaving of my underarms. I know, I know — I should anyways but there have been times I’ve went a week without shaving. Come on ladies — you know you hate to shave too! Shaving everyday takes its toll on that sensitive skin and there are days that as gross as it sounds — my pits ITCH like the dickens! Not fun at all!

Since I switched to The Dove Clear Tone Deodorant though, my underarms have been less irritated and dry. I think this is because Clear Tone hydrates and moisturizes my underarms and replenishes my skin after so much shaving. (check out Dove on Facebook  and Twitter to hear other people’s stories) Clear Tone is working better for me than the clinical strength deodorant I was using before this trial. The 48-hour odor and wetness protection that Dove Clear Tone offers is definitely a feature that I’ve come to appreciate and love about the product. And my favorite scent is still the new Pink Rosa. It’s a floral and fruity fragrance and I love wearing it to workout or just every day.

 So ladies, what are you doing to make sure you keep up with your goals this winter? I want to know!


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  1. 1

    Good for you. I have been running more, but I am no where near a 5k level yet. I can barely run a mile at this point lol. I do zumba, spin and I take krav maga classes a few times a week.

  2. 3

    I think you are doing a great job on your running. You will have the 4 miles before you know it. I love Dove deodorant, it’s my favorite :).

  3. 5

    Your determination will keep you on track, I’d be willing to bet on it. :)

    I use Dove deodorant.

    No snow yet here, I’m very happy to report. :)

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