What would your pup do for Purina® Beggin’ Strips®?

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Ginger Beggin‘ Strips® tricks

Our Ginger dog may not be able to talk but she sure knows how to show us when she likes something! That includes her favorite treats. Ginger does the "bucking hippo" dance when she's really excited about a treat, or a toy, or going for a ride (shhhh, don't say that last word too loudly or I'll never get her to settle down!).

Ginger doesn't get as many treats as she used to because we have to watch her diet — she is a bit overweight. That doesn't meant we deprive her — she does get a treat a few times a week. Hey, a girl has got to have her goodies! Purina® Beggin' Strips® are one treat I know she enjoys. They're made with real bacon and come in a variety of flavors for every pup's taste! 

Ginger's current favorite is the Bacon & Cheese Beggin' Strips® — who wouldn't like that combination? What would your dog do for their favorite Beggin' Strips®? Besides doing the bucking hippo dance, Ginger will also sit nicely and let a Beggin' Strips® sit on her nose before devouring it! 

If your dog likes Beggin' Strips® too, then give your dog a voice and Nom-Nom-Nominate their three favorite varieties of Beggin' Strips®! We chose Bacon & Cheese, Thick Cut Hickory Smoked and Bacon & Peanut Butter flavors as our favorites.

Beggin‘ Strips® vote

After everyone's votes are tallied at the end of October, and America's favorite flavors have been decided, a new Beggin' Strips® "Party Pack"  will be available at Sam's Club (look for them in the Spring of 2014). Your favorite may be featured! You can check the Sam's Club site to see which flavors have won and sign up to receive a text when the variety pack goes on sale at Sam's Club. 

Does your pup love Beggin' Strips® as much as mine does, how do they show you? A silly dance, a trick or something else? I want to hear about it, so let me know in the comments and don't forget to Nom-Nom-Nominate your faves!

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  1. 1

    It’s hard not to spoil them fat, isn’t it? :) My husband buys these to take to work (mailman). The dogs love them (and don’t try to eat him, hahaha).

  2. 3

    Awww, back when we had a dog, he LOVED Beggin’ Strips. I mean LOVED.

  3. 4

    What’s not to love about a Beggin-Strip? They look just like bacon! I would love to see a video of Ginger doing her happy dance. You will have to post one sometime.

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