Ginger Can’t Stop Sniffin’ ALPO®!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

At almost 12 years old, Ginger has tried many dog foods in her lifetime and although we have always fed Ginger a dry kibble, I have often wondered if she would rather enjoy a wet or moist food as part of her diet. If you recall, I recently shared that our dog Ginger would soon be trying out ALPO’s® wet dog food. We were sent two coupons so I took a peek at ALPO'S HOMEPAGE, to see what dog food flavors were available before going to the store the other day. ALPO® has a lot of wet dog food flavors! I ended up choosing a few different flavors for Ginger to sample. Today we found out what she thought of a wet dog food, check out this quick video. (yes, I baby talk to my dog — who doesn't?)

You probably can't really tell in the video but Ginger's eyes were as round as saucers the whole time she was eating her ALPO® Chop House® Beef Tenderloin Flavor in Gourmet Gravy. She really enjoyed this wet dog food! 

I was surprised by how the food looked when I opened the can — it looks very similar to a canned beef stew and the gravy was a nice thick consistency. Also, it didn't smell bad at all — it just smelled beefy and actually looked a tiny bit appetizing — not that I would ever try it myself, lol!


 When Ginger finished sampling her ALPO® wet dog food, there was plenty of lip licking and tail wagging for many minutes afterwards. I think it's hilarious that for the past half an hour Ginger has been keeping her eye on the remaining can that I'm saving for later. I set it on top of her dog food bin and whenever Ginger walks by, she stops to sniff the can and give her tail a small wag — too cute!

So all in all, I am really pleased by how much Ginger liked this new to her dog food. While I can't see Ginger eating a diet that is solely wet, she liked ALPO® so much that I do plan to buy her a few cans a month and mix half a can at a time into her regular dry dog food as a treat. It's so nice to do something for my furry friend that gives her some joy!

I also went ahead and like ALPO’s Facebook Page so I can keep a look out for coupons and news about new flavors of ALPO®. Plus, the happy dog photos that they post are really cute!

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  1. 1

    We don’t have a dog anymore, but when we did, we always used Alpo. It was a brand that I totally trusted and when he ate it, I knew he was getting a good meal. I have started to get the itch to get another puppy, so maybe sometime soon…..

  2. 2
    ellen beck says

    I get wet food for Odin more as a treat than normal everyday feeding. Besides that feeding a big dog wet food would get awfully pricey

  3. 3

    She took to that wet dog food like a pro!! :)

  4. 4

    Ginger looks like she is super happy! She is loving the Alpo.

  5. 5

    Our dog Annie is very old and I’m think we probably should start her on wet dog food. Most of her teeth are gone now but she can still devour a bone :).

  6. 6

    Ginger is so beautiful and what a sweet dog. We adopted a dog who had been severely abused and was missing all but three of his teeth. We chose to go with kibble, but we add water to soften it before he eats. We do what we can because we love our dogs… looks like Ginger is well loved and I commend you for that!

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