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You have finally found that certain someone who makes you feel amazing. So amazing that you can’t contain how excited you are about the possibility of spending the rest of your lives together. Of course, now you’ll want the world to know how you feel, which means finding the perfect engagement rings to convey just how much you mean to each other. 

Next year, Chris and I will celebrate 20 years of being a couple. It’s a dream of mine to pick out a set of rings to celebrate this important event in our lives. Since we live in a small town, our local designer jewelry purchasing options are very limited. Luckily, in this day and age, it’s possible to shop for quality rings from all over the country, in the convenience of our own home — such as the gorgeous Tacori engagement rings found on 

Of course, before we shop, we will have to agree upon a jewelry style, or at least compromise because of our different tastes. If you do plan to surprise your intended partner with a proposal, or finally give your loved one that long-awaited anniversary gift, then I beg of you to know what style of jewelry they prefer. While most people will be pleased no matter what they see when the lid of that small velvet box opens, making sure it’s love at first site with the rings is only the first step on the journey to a successful marriage!

Some people enjoy showing off a bit with the big bold statement of a large eye catching diamond in a jewel encrusted setting. And others, like myself, may prefer the understated elegance of a more subdued style. Both ring styles are lovely, but with a piece of jewelry you will wear for the rest of your life, it’s nice to complement the recipient’s personality for a true match. 

While browsing through the Tacori collection on, I couldn’t help but fall in love with several of the crafted artisan designs. Each ring is like a miniature piece of art, they are so detailed! When choosing rings, it is often important to both men and women that their ring will stay timeless. The variations that I noticed in the selections on the website I mentioned reflect styles that are both classic and contemporary. I especially liked the sophisticated grace of the Ribbon Criss-Cross Diamond Engagement Ring. Selecting a ring that is unique in its beauty is a way to express your own unique love for one another. This one certainly does!

Founded in 1969 by a European immigrant, and still family-operated today, there is a wonderful passion and tradition that one thinks of when hearing the Tacori name. Tradition is important to my family, as it is to so many others. Speaking of tradition, many couples will also think about someday handing down their jewelry to their children or grandchildren. I would be confident that our future generations would be able to appreciate any of the Tacori engagement rings as a handcrafted heirloom.

If you are interested in browsing this collection, you may visit the WhiteFlash Showroom located in southwestern Houston, Texas. Clients are assisted by GIA Accredited Diamond Consultant whom will make it a pleasure to find your perfect diamond. They have just celebrated their 13th anniversary so congratulations are in order!

Of course, you may also visit the website at where you can browse at your leisure.

Now, I would like to know — What is your jewelry style — Subtle or Wow?


#image via Tela Chhe, Flickr cc

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    I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t want J-Lo huge, but I don’t want people to have to bust out a magnifying glass, either.

  2. 2

    We celebrated our 21st anniversary in May and I too wanted a new ring at our 20th but didn’t make it happen. Looking at the Tacori rings put ideas into my head. Did you see the Sculpted Crescent Eternity Wedding Ring? Beautiful!

    • 3

      Yes! I spent quite a bit of time pining over all of the rings on the site, that one is a beauty as well! I hope you are able to get new rings someday as well! We can dream, right (=

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    Trust, commitment and love are three cornerstones of a healthy marriage. The fourth is much more expensive, tangible and downright shiny: the engagement ring. With any luck, a happy bride will sport her engagement ring for the rest of her life . It is really very nice feeling and attachment. I like your ring also……

  4. 5

    Oh, wow! This site is complete eye-candy. I’ve just had to forcibly pry myself away from all those gorgeous, sparkly things! Thanks for the recommendation.

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