Wordless Wednesday – Baby’s First Trip To The Zoo #ww

The weekend before last, we took the family and went to Pymatuning Deer Park for the afternoon. We try to go once a year, it’s a great little zoo that lets you get up close to the animals. This was our granddaughter’s first trip to the zoo! It was a beautiful day, even though the small park was quite crowded. We still had a nice time and the grandbaby had a fun day of firsts — first zoo visit, first train ride, first time down a slide (with her mommy) and first time petting all of the animals!



















For anyone interested in visiting, Pymatuning Deer Park is located at 804 East Jamestown road in Jamestown, PA 16134. Deer Park phone number is 724-932-3200. 

Deer Park Hours
The park is open every day May 25th – September 2nd – 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 10am to 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Admission is $8.00 for ages 13-64, $6.00 for ages 2-12, $7.00 for seniors 65 and up, Free for ages 2 and under.

They also have train rides for $2, pony rides (100lb or less) for $2, budgie barn walk throughs for $2 and animal food available for $1 a pack.

☛ Happy Wordless Wednesday! ☚

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  1. 1

    What a fun day! My kids love going to the zoo, too. It looks like you have some really cool animals at yours.

  2. 2

    Great pics of the animals! Looks like it was a fun time.

  3. 3

    There’s some really cool animals there! What an awesome bunch of pics, really, they’re all great. That last one, oh my gosh…. look at her!!! Little sweet baby dumpling!!!

    I like the pic of you and your husband too. :)

    Glad you had a great day out. Was that a jail cell? Mom/grandma gave the kiddos their one and ONLY trip to jail too. buwahaaha

    • 4

      lol! Yes, they have a row of old west type buildings with a jail cell, school house with a Native American looking in the window, a covered wagon (that was too crowded for us to get a photo on), a “pan for gold” thingy, big wooden pirate ship playground and a big stuffed bear. It’s a neat little zoo!

  4. 5

    Aww, what a fund day for the family I can’t believe how big the baby is already!

  5. 6

    What fantastic pictures. I love captures from the zoo. Love the pic with the duckling. So cute!

  6. 7
    Carolyn G says

    Oh the baby is so big now!!! Cute too.

  7. 8

    What a great first time! I love going to the zoo.

  8. 9

    Lovely pictures!

  9. 10

    What a BLAST! I love the picture with all the girls in “jail” … and the first one of baby looking at the duck!

  10. 11

    Great photos! I hope Rudolph isn’t melting in this heat haha.

  11. 12

    It looks like you guys all had an awesome time. I love all the animal photos – such a cool experience!
    By the way, how stinking BEAUTIFUL is that granddaughter of yours!? :)

  12. 13

    You got to hold a duckie AND pose behind bars? This looks like such a fun place! It must be zoo weather, we just went to our local zoo last week and had a blast. :)

  13. 14

    What great shots! I love the one with her in the lion! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten already!

  14. 15

    How fun! They have some amazing animals there. &They seem really friendly, too!

  15. 16

    she is getting big

  16. 17

    Great pictures! I love the baby in the lion!!

  17. 18

    We have heard about Pymatuning Deer Park, looks like we should visit. What a fun day!

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