Sam’s Club Exclusive AirWick Scented Oils Keep This Mom Happy!

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I live in a small house with several animals — an old smelly lovable dog, an opinionated cockatiel, fish, a husband and two kids. Okay, so the husband and kids aren't really animals, though sometimes they do smell like it! There are some pretty funky aromas wafting around the house most days and one way I like to wipe them out is by using scented Airwick products. I have been using the scented oils and oil warmers in our home for years and love the huge variety of scents that AirWick always offers. 

When I come home or have company over, the last thing I want to hit them in the face when they open the door is old smelly dog, it just is not pleasant. Luckily, we have an outlet near the door and I make sure to keep a scented oil warmer plugged in on high in that area. I also keep scented oils going in both bathrooms and next to the kitchen sink. I was excited to try out two of the new Sam's Club Exclusive AirWick Scented Oils this month — AirWick Ocean Spray & Sparkling Sea Minerals and AirWick Bright Citrus Splash. Both of these scented oils smell great and really give a space that summer scent.

Sam's Club Exclusive AirWick Scent Oils

I have also tried out several other AirWick Essentials Scented Oils, including Lavender & Chamomile, Magnolia & Cherry Blossom. Island Paradise as well as the Airwick Limited Edition National Park Collection which includes American Samoa Sweet Coconut & Island Palms, Hawaii Exotic Papaya & Hibiscus Flower and my personal favorite — Grand Canyon Cactus Flower & Warm Breeze. 

My favorite AirWick

I am so in love with the Airwick Grand Canyon Cactus Flower & Warm Breeze scented oil. The package describes this scent as "subtle floral notes of delicate cactus blossoms carried on the warm summer breeze." Mmmm, this scent is very relaxing and perfect for summer weather! I'm a bit sad about the National Park scents being Limited Edition, I will have to go stock up before they're gone! Ocean Spray & Sparkling Minerals Scented Oil is a close second and I love using this scent in the bathrooms.

Each of the scented oils have their own unique and amazing scent, they all work very well at sending a pleasant fragrance throughout your home and the areas in which they're placed. I have always liked the fact that the warmers have a plug that rotates, this makes it really easy to place the scented oil in tight spots that need the warmer to point a certain way. It's always really nice that each scented oil refill lasts for such a long time! Being able to adjust the amount of scent released into a room is also one of my favorite AirWick features. There are days when I want  a little more or less, depending on my mood. Airwick makes it easy to adjust on a whim.

AirWick Grand Canyon Scent Oils

Great Value When you buy from Sam's Club!

While the exclusive fragrances, new Bright Citrus Splash and Ocean Spray with Sparkling Sea Minerals can ONLY be found at Sam’s Club, they also have a large assortment of other scents to choose. Not to mention, you'll be getting 38% more value for your money when you buy scented Airwick products at Sam's Club (vs Walmart and other national retailers)! Sam's Club members also have their choice between select bonus packs that include either bonus oil refills or a bonus warmer for added value!

Tell me — What's your favorite AirWick Scented Oil ?

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  1. 1

    I’ll have to check these out. With four males living in the house I swear it always smells in here.

  2. 2

    These look like something I would totally try!

  3. 3

    WOW! I want the cactus flower :). I have the same problem with the smells at our house. We have an old dog too and the kitchen is so close to the front door that one or the other of the smells will knock you over. I need an Airwick scented warmer with cactus flower scent right by the front door.

  4. 4

    I love AirWick scented oil plug ins. They all smell fantastic however the Hawaii is my favorite right now!

  5. 5

    Airwick always makes a good product, dont’ they? We’ve used them for years. The new line is kind of exciting! I’m going to be looking for it, I want to try the Hawaiian scent, and the cactus flower you mentioned.

  6. 6

    I love AirWick. In fact, it’s on my shopping list right now. Favorite scent? IDK… the summery scents sound divine. I like a lot of floral or powdery scents.

  7. 7

    I’m a huge Lavender fan but i tried AirWick’s Lavender & Chamomile and I wasn’t too impressed. I love their holiday scents though!

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