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The high price of housing and the limited size of homes in major metropolitan areas make it important to get the most use of every available square foot inside the home. The majority of housing in major cities, such as New York City, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco is condos and apartments rather than single family homes. Space is at a premium, and in many cases a garage or yard is a luxury, if available at all. Apartments and condos typically have little or no safe storage outside of the unit.

In many areas, the grand, older homes that were once used for one large family have been divided into multiple apartments for several families. Homes that had attics and large basements have been renovated and those spaces have been turned into additional bedrooms, home offices and studio apartments. Converting an attic into a new room is a great way to gain living space when building a new addition onto a house is not practical or possible due to lot size or zoning restrictions.

The problem with these modern, tight living quarters is that the traditional areas of a house used for storage have been eliminated during the renovations. People will always need extra storage, for things like Christmas decorations and seasonal decor, family keepsakes and antiques, sports equipment and extra household items. When people have used all of their closet space, bookshelves and under bed areas for storage and still have a need for more, its either time to move to larger quarters or find  additional space to rent.

People who live and work in New York City often turn to the suburbs of New Jersey or Connecticut for storage units, where the rental rates are cheaper than downtown facilities. Self storage in Connecticut is a short train ride from Manhattan, and generally considered more secure.

Choosing the right type of storage and location depends on your specific needs. Articles like “Top 10 Storage Tips” covers the essentials to help make the right decisions. Some people only need to store household goods for a short time, until they move to a new home or while on active duty in the military. Some need long term storage to supplement their living quarters. Even businesses have a need for temporary storage, for excess inventory or quick access to seasonal goods.

If renting a storage unit is something you are considering, be sure to pack your items carefully. There are many good sites on the internet with tips on what packing supplies you will need, how to pack different items correctly and how to organize the area. The goal is to use the unit in the most efficient way, safeguarding your belongings and maintaining access to your items in case you need to get them while they are in storage.

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    I agree that you should pack your items carefully. I think doing so will help you to decrease the size of a storage unit you will need. It will also keep things more organized and less chaotic.

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    Although I love living in the city, I agree that it makes storage a more difficult task. Thanks for these storage solutions for homes without an attic. I’ll definitely consider renting a storage unit in the suburbs like you suggested.

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