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While living on a rural back road, I have ended up owning a lot of mud covered shoes and boots. When I’m chasing chickens out of the neighbor’s flowers, digging in the garden or just trying to make it across the squishy back yard, in between chicken landmines and who knows what else, I NEED something to keep my toes safe and comfy. I do own a few pairs of boots, hey a girl has got to look cute when she’s feeding the chickens! But I can’t pass up a new pair so when Kaufmann Mercantile offered to send over a pair of their Foldable Wellies for review, I said yes, of course!

I expected that I would like the boots but I had no idea how much! These Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots are so super comfortable that I can hardly believe it! When I walk around the yard in them, it almost feels like I’m barefoot. They feel extremely soft on the inside and there is no heel or tall insole so you literally feel like you’re walking on the ground. 

Japanese wellies

Usually wellies and well made muck boots are somewhat bulky and clunky, not so with these ones! They are super light on the feet and while the sides aren’t stiff at all, they do stand on their own. The boots are made in a small Hokkaido, Japan factory and are created from blocks of synthetic and natural rubber that has been blended, pressed, cut and formed into each structural piece of the boot. The pieces are then sealed together to form the boot by hand, using an aluminum mold. To create a tough exterior and waterproof seal, they are then pressurized and heated to 130 degrees.


I really like the way that the shaft of the boot meets the sole, they are sealed so smoothly that you would almost think they’re one piece. All other seems on the boots are also smooth and very low profile. They are trimmed at the top with an attractive brown ribbed band and stamped on the front with the logo.

The boots have a nice tread on the sole and I have walked about in quite the mud pit (after these photos!) without slipping and sliding at all.

Japanese wellies tread

What’s really unique about this particular wellie is that they are flexible and light enough to be folded or rolled up and wrapped with the included heavy-weight rubber band. You can then toss them into your work basket, tote or keep them handy wherever they’re needed in a minimum amount of space. 

The Japanese Foldable Wellies were originally designed for the use of farmers but they are attractive enough for a rainy day in the city as they are practical for weeding in the mucky garden. In order to ensure a comfortable fit, there is a vent at the top back of the boot and a buckle that can adjust to fit your calves.  

In whole I believe they are a high quality and durable rubber boot that is both stylish and practical. 

Where to find and how to stay in touch!

The Japanese Foldable Wellies are available for purchase at They can be found in Men’s sizes 6 – 9 and Women’s sizes 7 – 10. I ordered a size 10 and they fit me perfectly. They retail for $129.00 usd and will last for years with proper care.

Kaufmann Mercantile also has a vast array of other accessories for both men and women, as well as unique items for the home, kitchen, garden and outdoors. You should go take a look because they have some seriously cool stuff like bicycle baskets, cedar and rope swings to hang from trees, coffee syrup, dinner triangles, forged iron tools and so much more! There are great gifts to be bought for moms, dads and everyone! Honey, if you’re reading this, please feel free to buy me one of everything!

kaufmann mercantile

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Thank you so much to Kaufmann Mercantile for  providing a complimentary review product! Event he chickens like my new boots, they kept picking at them while I was trying to feed them :) All thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% my own.


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