How to turn your Bedroom into a 5-Star Hotel Room on a tight budget

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It’s no secret that most girls, both adults and teens, love living in an uncluttered environment. While this may hold true, there can often be a challenge in creating a neat look while maintaining the coziness of the rom. It can also be quite the frustrating task for women to give their bedrooms a comfortable and warm look, without spending too much money on the whole process.

Creativity should play a crucial factor when it comes to home interior design in the bedroom, whether for yourself or your daughter. Your room doesn’t have to be dull and boring but instead, look at it as a cute little room full of great potential. This is the only way you will be able to think outside the box and achieve that 5-star hotel room look that you’re dreaming of for your space. Of course, there are some important tips you should consider to guide you throughout this process.

The color of the bed sheets

Don’t think that you have to invest in expensive paints just to transform the whole appearance of your bedroom. As a girl, you know how important it is to keep your bed  made up and neat. This is a first step towards the transformation of your bedroom into a world-class hotel room. If you want a pop of warmth in the room, you might choose bright colors such as orange, blue, pink, purple or blue. You may also add fuzzy pillows for extra comfort, texture and to add decoration in your room.

The walls

Now, the main idea here is to save money while implementing classic designs for your bedroom. You may decide to paint the entire room or just one wall with your favorite color but on the other hand, it isn’t really necessary if you don’t have enough money. You may invest a smaller budget on adding various pictures of your favorite musician, athlete, celebrity or role model, choose ones that have your favorite color to add accents to the room. These pictures can be placed along the wall, especially just above the top side of your bed to keep the walls interesting.

The curtains

You may only want to repaint the walls if the existing color is too dull. However, if your bedroom walls are already a color you love or have a bright paint, adding colorful girls bedroom curtains to the windows in a complementing pattern will help carry the theme of the room. You should also bear in mind that color-clashing is one of the greatest mistakes you can ever do when redesigning your bedroom. Don’t make your bedroom look like an overly bright rainbow; instead, opt for elegant and simple by using a few accent colors.


Bedrooms really don’t look appealing and inviting if they have very bright lighting systems. This is why most 5-star hotels have their rooms fitted with unique lamps at either sides of the bed. These lamps help in reducing the intensity of the light while increasing tranquility in the entire room. They bring a unique feeling of comfort and relaxation, which is suitable for a sleepy mind.

The floor

The condition of the floor plays a decisive role in determining the internal temperature of the room. For a warmer and comfortable bedroom, try as much as you can to add cute rugs just next to the bed and a carpet across the room. Carpets normally act as protective barriers against cold weather conditions and this is suitable for people living in cold areas. The process of transforming your bedroom into a 5-star hotel room is so easy to accomplish as long as you have total commitment, dedication and more importantly, creativity. 

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