The First Birthday – How to Make It a Bash to Remember

birthday candles by arinas74 on sxc.huSo you have made it through one year full of sleepless nights and diaper-changing that has more than likely left you in a haze. You’ve managed to somehow survive more dirty diapers than you care to remember and countless other baby messes that include drool, poop and who knows what else! Now that your precious little tot is turning one, you’ve both reached a big milestone and that means it’s time to celebrate!

As a new parent approaching that first birthday party, you may feel overwhelmed at all of the possibilities there are for childrens’ parties. Many parents feel they’re expected to outdo themselves with the first birthday party arrangements and decorations. That simply isn’t the case, you can make the bash memorable by creating an interesting and colorful theme.

The big day doesn’t have to break the bank or full of stress. Check out these simple birthday party tips to throw an innovative first-birthday bash that will be both economical and outstanding:

Choose a Fun Theme

Kids’ birthday parties without themes are like cakes without icing; choose a theme that is both fun and contemporary. Since your baby is turning 1, the guest list is likely to include many curious little babies who will love color in the ambience. So, it is best to go for a theme with bright and perky colors. Try breaking away from the usual Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake themes; there are endless ideas for birthday themes. How about some adorable and brightly colored owls or other favorite animal?

Economical and Easy Decor

Don’t get caught up in spending too much money on decorating the party area. Get decorative items that can be reused later for your baby’s upcoming birthdays. Spend on decoration items in fun patterns and colors that can blend easily with any party theme; for instance, a polka dot design in any color scheme will add a fun element to a variety of styles and can be reused year after year. You may integrate your chosen theme with items like the cake, cupcakes, invitation cards, and maybe a few posters.

Add Fun with Costumes

Get custom made masks made for the kids (and even adults!) to add some festivity to the party. You could also set a costume theme for the guests to give your party a more cheerful flair. Masks and props could be a fun DIY project that you can make for the guests yourself ; just get creative and put some of your art skills to work. Ask your family and friends to help out. Or, if budget allows, hire a creative party decorator who works at a home business level (since they’ll be more affordable).

Keep the Food Simple, and the Cake Fancy!

Putting too much emphasis on having a fancy spread is not the best idea; it may increase your budget and stress. Try to keep the menu to a couple of simple finger foods and appetizers. Experiment with the drinks to come up with colorful and fruity kid-friendly cocktail that will liven up your table. What you might want to go a little “all-out” on is the cake! After all, it is your toddler’s first birthday, so get a nicely decorated cake in vibrant colors and designs to match your party theme. It could be a fun idea to also order or make a baby “smash cake” so you have the opportunity to take those adorable cake-face baby pics while still having a cake available for guests to sample.

Play Some Games

What is a party without games? Keep the children and their parents busy with interesting party games. Not only will it double the fun on your party, it’s also a great (and inexpensive) way to keep the guests entertained. For children as young as one, games should be very simple and short, perhaps some sort of fishing game with grab bags, some random dancing, or even a fun baby race!

The first birthday is only the beginning, and as the years pass you will see yourself improving at your party throwing skills. Just remember to keep calm and enjoy the day to its fullest; baby’s birthday should be a fun event that everyone enjoys, including you!

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