Get Creative with your next DIY Project for Kids’ Rooms

painting a boardOne of the best things about kids is that they can be crazy creative — and in a good way!  When you’re looking to start decorating or updating your kids’ rooms, you should make sure that the designs and ideas are just as creative as your kids are.  And don’t forget to get their input, you never know what genius decorating idea they may come up with next!  There are tons of ways that you can make some DIY designs for their rooms that are creative and fun.

Most kids like to play outside at least once in a while, so why not bring the outdoors inside?  There are dozens of places online where you can buy tree decals for walls in various shapes, sizes, and colors to give the room a splash of forestry without having to actually bring in living plants.  They’re inexpensive decorations that are very easy to put on the walls and most of them these days can be removed and placed anywhere you want over and over again.

Let kids get creative when designing their room decor!

A really cool art project that could turn into artwork on the walls deals with just magazines and a photo frame.  Grab some various magazines or other publications that have a lot of color in them and rip out the pages to create shapes that can be framed and put on the wall.  There are quite a few stamps and punches that can be used to create butterflies, cats, or even trees, but a better idea is to have your kid grab the magazines and make them on their own (if they’re old enough for scissors).  This will give them the chance to choose colors or designs that they personally like to give it a nice customized feel.  Once they’re cut out, just paste them onto the backing of the photo frame and hang it on the wall.  Butterflies look especially nice as it feels a little like a museum exhibition.

Trees aren’t the only thing that can be used as decorations on the walls.  Pretty much anything lightweight can tacked to a wall for a nice three dimensional look.  Halloween costumes that have wings included in them are awesome for this because the features can be detached and tacked right onto the walls and they usually come in a myriad of colors.  False flowers could also work, or you can do a quick search through an arts and crafts store to find items that are specifically made to be glued or tacked to walls and other project boards.

Another great art project that can be hung on the wall is to incorporate something your kid loves such as their favorite hobby and make a mural out of it.  Most times all that’s required is some shelving hooks and plywood.  Depending on what you’re putting on the plywood, you could use screws to make sure the items don’t fall down.

Make sure your child’s personality is incorporated in their room makeover!

If your child is an avid baseball fan, for example, you could take baseball bats painted in various colors and cut or dissect them to place on the plywood in a nice striped pattern.  If they’re quite the artist, try splashing some paint on the plywood and after it’s dry, fitting on some paint brushes and make your own piece of modern art with it.

There really a lot of various DIY projects that can be used to make a kid’s room look awesome and with all of the ideas they have floating in their heads, collaborating on it could be like a huge art project where they get to have their personality involved.  With just a few inexpensive projects, it will make a world of difference.

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  1. My daughter would LOVE a room of her own to decorate the way she wants. Which I’m sure would include horses :).

  2. Great tips! I like the last one of remembering to put your child’s personality into a room. My problem is I like to put MY style in which I need to work on!

  3. I totally agree with Dinah on this.. While the kids room should reflect their personality, we as adults try to infuse our own style into it.. I need to work on that too.

  4. I love the big tree decals for walls, I think there are so many things you could do with those.

    My husband painted my son’s room with a theme he liked just before the baby was born, and I so wish it was decals because I’m not a fan (but I’ll never tell him. he put a lot of heart and soul in it and he loves it). ;)

  5. I have a lot of decals in my home – including my boys rooms. I think they’re an inexpensive way to decorate and they are cheap & easy enough to change as often as you want.

  6. Both of my kids chose their rooms. Gav was so stuck on Army theme but now wants to change it a bit. Zoe now wants One Direction all over. Changing rooms is fun and like Robin says wall decals are perfect!

  7. Nice ideas here. I think the last point is very relevant here. Let them design n create according to their imagination. It would help them to think freely.

  8. Nice article! Kids need to be independent and have choices. Being able to make choices will help them become more creative in their own space.

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