{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Chickening Around #ww

You may think I’m kidding you when I mention how much of a crazy chicken lady I really am. Well, I kid you not. This evening, for reasons untold, I needed to take a photo with a chicken and a sign. Or, rather, wanted to take a photo with a chicken and a sign. 

Chickens really do not care for signs that flap in the wind. Anywho, I thought I would show you how to hold  a chicken properly, once you catch it.

how to hold a chicken

See, look at this sweet little girl named Freckles!

Isn’t she a lovely plump hen? 

Maybe a bit grumpy, but she’s entitled to it after what she had to endure — flapping paper and all.

how not to hold a chicken

And here is how you might “like” to hold a chicken.

She doesn’t mind… too much.

Some chickens may even go to sleep, if you hold them like this.

crazy chicken lady

Ah yes!

Now isn’t this is the life little hen?


cat dog and me - chasing a chicken

Maybe not.

Wait, Freckles! 

(I cannot believe that Pie caught the cat, dog and I on film… chasing a chicken.)

lion king moment with the cat

This, Pie said, was the perfect time for a Lion King moment.

I have no idea where she gets this weird animal holding thing from.


my daughter and I - 2013 April

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  1. 1

    You guys are too cute! This is cracking me up. I love how you’re holding the chicken with your official AHensNest t-shirt. The picture of you running after the chicken reminds me of the time our neighbor was chasing after a stray chicken in our backyard!

  2. 2

    Never thought of holding a hen like a baby. LOL. Too funny.

  3. 4

    this post totally cracked me up! LOVE IT! <3

  4. 5

    You so make me want to have chickens! &I never thought I’d say that because I was afraid of them for years. lol

  5. 6

    What great pictures!!

  6. 7

    I love your chickens and that is an AWESOME picture of you and your daughter.

  7. 9

    Cool post! I LOVE that you have backyard chickens!! SO COOL!

  8. 10

    Okay I loved all those pictures. But you all chasing Freckles was the best. Hahaha. :)

  9. 11

    LOL – these are great!

  10. 12
    Carolyn G says

    That is so cool.

  11. 13

    I had no idea there was a “proper” way to hold chickens!

    I love the picture of you and Pie!

    • 14

      Well, this may not be exactly the proper way to hold one… usually you would hold the girl tucked under your arm, with both wings firmly held against her body so she doesn’t flap them and hit you in the face when she leaps out of your arms to run around… just sayin’

  12. 15

    Love it! My Dad has this rooster he calls Big Red. He is literally like a cat, no joke. Cracks me up! He follows Dad around everywhere and even follows his vehicle out the driveway when he leaves, then cocks his head like “uh why aren’t you taking me” then walks back over to the house to wait for Dad to return. He seems to respond to his name too, it’s hilarious!

    • 16

      Aww, he sounds like a sweetheart! My Mr. Puff rooster was like that — very friendly! Our new rooster is starting to turn out to be quite wicked, sadly, i’m thinking he may have to go :(

  13. 17

    This is such a cute post! I love it!

  14. 18

    I love Freckles, she is so cute. BTW I like Pie’s boots to, very stylish!

    • 19

      Thanks, we love her too! those are my boots, too bad Pie’s feet are almost as big as mine now so she’s been stealing all of my favorite shoes!

  15. 20

    Whoa!!They’re HUGE!! Love the pics! put a huge grin on my face!!

  16. 22

    HAHA! Im just curious how long it took you to catch that hen.

    • 23

      I let her go off with er friends, after she leapt out my arms, she started heading towards the woods and I didn’t want to have to go search for her after dark so I was trying to chase her in the opposite direction! Silly chicken!

  17. 24

    These are all great, but your daughter got the best one, hahahaha

    Freckles was done w/the fanfare of the day, loolol

    • 25

      LOL! I was looking through the photos later and couldn’t believe she got us all! I didn’t even realize the cat and dog were “helping”, HA!

  18. 26

    I want to come play at your house, it looks like so much fun :)

  19. 27

    OMG the photo of you chasing the chicken was priceless :) That is a pretty chicken but dont know if I’d be brave enough to hold one. Those claws!

  20. 28

    Too fun! I need to go animal chasing/holding with you sometime :)

  21. 29

    What a cute (almost) Wordless Wednesday! I was really laughing!

  22. 30

    Oh my gosh that is so funny! I had no idea you could hold a chicken like that!

  23. 31

    LOL fun post! I want to get to the country and get chickens. Love all the photos!

  24. 32

    Hahaha! I love it!! Y’all are precious. :)

  25. 33

    Great photos! Your chicken AND cat and family are adorable!

  26. 34

    How lucky are you! I always wanted pet chickens (good layers, too). Chickens are so adorable, they’re my #1 choice for a pet! But I live in a NYC apartment….that’s out. But it’s good to see YOUR pix, they make me smile! Thanks for sharing!

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