Wishing for Spring with Wellness Brewed K-Cup packs #YourPerfectCup

Wellness Brewed KCups Spring

Now that I’m getting excited about the spring season, I’ve started thinking about planting my gardens and trying to stay motivated with my exercise goals. The soothing taste of the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters that I know and love are staying with me on my journey with the new Wellness Brewed K-Cup packs. I have fallen in love with the smooth tasting Focus Blend K-Cup packs. Each one has 50mg of L-Theanine and I found it to be a relaxing way to start my mornings. I truly do feel a bit more focused after drinking a cup!

The other K-Cup packs in the Wellness Brewed Collection are tasty as well. The Antioxidant Blend K-Cup pack has 10% of the daily antioxidant vitamin C & E per cup and has a rich smooth flavor that I really love in the afternoon. 


To switch things up, there are also two yummy flavors of Brew-Over-Ice K-cup packs — Vitamin Burst in acai berry or strawberry pomegranate are both refreshing and light. They are both caffeine-free and high in antioxidant vitamin C, for a naturally sweet way to take care of yourself.

And, since I’m a total tea-lover, I can’t forget how much I enjoy a fresh brewed cup of the Antioxidant Max Celestial Seasonings Wellness Teas. The Blackberry Pomegranate is pretty good but my favorite is the Blood Orange Star Fruit K-Cup pack — so very yummy! I love that I don’t need to add anything to a cup since they have just the tiniest bit of added Stevia for that perfect taste. So soothing on a Sunday morning.

Where to find it

Wellness Brewed beverages are available exclusively online at WellnessBrewed.comKeurig.com and GreenMountainCoffee.com. And, you’ll only find them in K-Cup packs.


I know that when I take care of my goals and dreams, it always leads to success. Just like the way I am taking care of the seeds I planted last week — a tiny bit of love, some sunshine and a sprinkle of water each day, is bound to lead to growth and new beginnings. 

What are your goals for keeping your mind and body well this spring?

I'm a K-Cup Ambassador!

Disclosure: I am participating in the K-Cup® Ambassador program and have been provided with free samples to facilitate my honest opinions about the product.
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  1. 1

    I, too, am a K-Cup ambassador and thoroughly enjoyed what was sent this month. I honestly don’t know how I got by without my Keurig.

  2. 2

    I have zero plans for Spring, I know that’s terrible, but at the moment it’s true.

    I haven’t heard of the Focus Cups, and I’m always checking out the K-cups where we shops, so they must just not be there. I’m going to look elsewhere because now that you’ve told us about it, I want to try it.

    • 3

      Oh geez, never mind me, I just went back up to see if I missed where to buy them and I see you put that they’re exclusively online (doh to me). I’m going to check them out now.

  3. 4

    Wow – I didn’t know we can order these online thanks for sharing the link) Enjoy your tea breaks to the fullest)

  4. 5

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  5. 6

    Nice iformation! Hope you will write more!


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