Pay-It-Forward Potted Bulbs Craft Challenge!

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Even though we still have snow on the ground, spring is in the air! I can tell because the garden centers and stores are starting to gear up for the growing season. Bit by bit, garden supplies, seed packets and potted plants are making their way into the aisles. That includes potted bulbs! Come Easter time, you'll most likely find large displays of blooming potted bulbs, from tulips, to daffodils to lilies of every color in the local garden centers, flower shops and grocery stores! Potted bulbs are a gorgeous way to start the fresh new Spring season.

Potted Bulb Spring Craft

This spring, I was challenged to use a potted bulb to Pay-It-Forward to someone I care about. While it's a bit early for the potted bulbs to be blooming in our area, I did manage to find a small pot of daffodils that were peeping out of the soil.

I decided to split them up and repot them to make two pretty vases of potted bulbs for both my mom and I — it's nice to share something special with your mom!

Potted Bulb Craft

I picked up a bunch of supplies at the craft store – tall glass vases, pretty beach glass, opaque glass pebbles and some rub on letters. 

Potted Bulb Craft

I chose three inspiring words to put on each of our vases. For mom I chose Dream, Love and Hope. For myself, I chose Dream, Laugh and Sing.

Rubbing the letters on was really easy, even if they are a bit crooked — I don't think mom will notice!

Potted Bulb Craft

I layered the beach glass with some high quality soil.

Hopefully, this will help the repotted daffodils to thrive in their new home.

Potted Bulb Craft

Then I added two bulbs to each vase and packed more soil around them. They looked great as is but I decided to add the opaque glass pebbles on top.

When the sun shines on the vase, it gives off a pretty glow that reminds me of the sunshine.

Potted Bulb Craft

Adding a potted bulb to the home is a great way to add some color while we wait for spring to arrive. Plus, it's so easy to pick up a few pots while out and about shopping at the usual stores.

Not to mention that it's an affordable way to add to our flower gardens. Once we're done enjoying our potted bulbs, we always plant them back in the garden to get blooms next year.

Potted Bulb Craft

This was such a fun way to spruce up a potted bulb! I cannot wait to give my mom her vase and I think they will look beautiful when they finally bloom in a couple of weeks.

Potted bulbs make such a nice gift for Easter and Mother's Day. Instead of giving mom something that is gone quickly, I enjoy gifting her plants and potted bulbs that will last and last. I hope she will even replant the bulbs in her yard after they've bloomed this year. That way she can enjoy them again for years to come!

Have you ever given your mom potted bulbs or container plants for special occasions? Do you dress them up, or give them as is?

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  1. 1

    What a great idea!!! I’ve never planted or gardened with bulbs before!

  2. 3

    What a thoughtful way to share with your mom (I almost wrote mum, but groaned at the punny ;) ). It did come out great, and I bet she will love it.

    I haven’t successfully potted anything, but it looks easier than maintaining a flower bed (our failed project last year). Baby steps… :)

  3. 5

    The vases came out AWESOME! No flower buds around here yet, but you give me hope :)

  4. 6

    How cute! These would be great to do with the kids too!

  5. 7

    Awesome posts and that would be an awesome Easter gift or Mother’s Day gift. Only problem is I am not sure I could grow anything from a bulb. LOL.

  6. 9

    I’ve never thought of giving potted bulbs as gifts but these would be perfect for my best buddies from church. Love this, thank you for sharing!!

  7. 10

    What a great idea! I would love to received one of these as a gift, and know a bunch of other people that would, as well!

  8. 11

    That’s a sweet idea. I have given my mom a rose bush – it keeps on bloomin.

  9. 12

    This is so cool. I want one.

  10. 13

    That is such a creative and pretty idea. I love how you added the little jewels to pretty it up.

  11. 14

    This is a great idea and looks so beautiful. I really like what you did with the rub on letters. I’m thinking about that for a table decoration.

  12. 15

    How cute! These would be great to do with the kids too! –

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