When Regular Storage Containers Aren’t Enough

storage containerStorage space; we all need it and you can never have enough!  Storage containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for practically any purpose.  In fact, chances are there is at least one type of storage container near you right now.  However, sometimes your storage needs require something bigger.  In those situations home storage can be the ideal solution. Portable Storage Containers have a number of advantages in personal, commercial, and industrial uses.  They are delivered to your chosen location and you can take your time loading them.  You can also choose to leave the container at your location for easy access, or you can choose to have it hauled away and stored in a secure facility.

Personal or Household Use

Personal self-storage is a multi-billion dollar industry.  According to the Self-Storage Association, approximately 10% of U.S. households rent storage space.  Often, it is to hold items that simply won’t fit in our homes.  Other times they are used on a short-term basis for when we are moving.  Still others utilize them during extended periods of travel in order to avoid having to pay rent on a home or apartment. In addition to storing excess items, home storage units are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to renting a moving van and they can serve as temporary storage during home renovations as well as permanent storage for items that just won’t fit in your house.

Commercial and Industrial Uses

Just as many households and individuals use self-storage facilities, so do a large number of businesses.  Approximately 30% of self-storage tenants are business customers.

They can serve as convenient on-site storage or office spaces for construction sites.  Retailers and restaurants can benefit from the convenience of storing excess inventory, seasonal or promotional items, bulk materials, and business records.  The oil and mining industries use portable storage containers for on-site storage and office spaces as well as utilizing specially modified containers for living spaces.  Farming uses can include temporary workshops and sheds for equipment, storage space for equipment, feed or harvested crops and temporary living spaces for migrant workers. 

The entertainment industry uses storage containers for storing props, costumes, special effects items, lighting equipment, and camera equipment. Film productions also use portable buildings as on-location housing for actors and crew in remote locations.  Schools, churches and youth clubs find the containers useful for storing athletic gear, supplies, equipment, and furniture. Portable storage containers are also used by the military, the government, and first responders for storage, office space or living spaces during emergency disaster relief and training.

We all need Storage!

Regardless of your individual circumstances or needs, storage containers can be an excellent solution with many advantages.  They are convenient, affordable, readily available, safe and secure, and require minimal effort to use compared to the alternatives.

Image source: mikecogh, on Flickr

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    When my parents did some remodeling last year, they rented one of those Pods. They only needed it for a month or maybe two, but they kept all their furniture and “stuff” in there. It was awesome because the place dropped if off, picked it up, it locked so their stuff was safe and they only had to keep it as long as they needed. One of those portable storage units is definitely good in a situation like that.

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    I actually have a storage unit. I wish the Pods weren’t soo pricey.. Just need to build a garage or something that is climate controlled for extra stuff!

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    Wow, there’s a lot of cool information on that site you linked up in the post. Literally just a ton of information.

    We’ve had the need to use storage before, and we have friends/family who have too. There’s def. a time and place when they pop up as ideal and very useful.

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