Nintendo Wii Ultimate I Spy & I Spy Spooky Mansion – Great Gift!

Please welcome again my sister, who shares how much fun she and her daughter have been having with this new Wii Game by Scholastics! ~Henrietta

I Spy Wii Game ReviewOur family has always loved Scholastic’s I Spy Books. Book fairs, library sales, fundraisers, if there’s an I Spy book we don’t have yet, we buy it. So of course we had to try the I Spy Game Pack for Nintendo Wii.

There are 2 really cool games included in the game pack, Ultimate I Spy & I Spy Spooky Mansion. The Princess tried out Ultimate I Spy. It’s rather like the books ~ there’s a riddle of things you need to locate in the picture. But unlike the books, the pictures are 3D & you can navigate around the scene using your Wii controller. AND when you find some of the hidden objects, there are mini puzzles.

ispy wii game

The Princess got to race fish, put objects in order, finish a picture puzzle ~ things like that. The really great thing about this game is that a few of the objects are fairly easily found. The princess found a few in each riddle right off the bat. I like that because her frustration level is set at really low. So finding a few objects pretty quickly is like, “Yay! Look Mom, I’m really good at this game!” Most of the objects in the riddles do take a little searching; you’re not going to finish this game in one setting. 

Now, because The Princess is terrified of skeletons on a TV screen, it was up to me to test out I Spy Spooky Mansion. A little skeleton invites you into a spooky mansion, then *locks* the door once you’re in. The only way out is to collect all the puzzle pieces by solving all 33 riddles.

Wii I Spy Game Scholastic review

I managed to find a couple puzzle pieces in the 30 minutes or so that I played. I Spy Spooky Mansion is a multiplayer game  (up to 4 players), so everybody in the family can help solve the riddles, play the mini games, & escape the mansion. Definitely a fun for the whole family sort of game.

The graphics are great & the scenes are very richly detailed, with lots of neat things to notice. The mini games aren’t that much of a challenge for an adult, but they’re still good fun. Best part? I Spy game pack is rated E for Everyone & at under $20 makes an affordable & fun way to add to the family game night collection.

Game details and how to purchase

The I SPY TWO GAME PACK for NINTENDO WII is available from You can also find this product at local game retailers and on (currently just $14.95).

The I SPY® TWO GAME PACK for NINTENDO WIITM (September 2012 / $19.99) includes over 70 unique riddles and more than 60 interactive mini-games in two popular titles from the I SPY interactive collection. Ultimate I SPY, the first game to feature 3D environments, takes players through an eye-popping wonderland where they search above and below objects to solve riddles, puzzles, and mini-games. I SPY Spooky Mansion offers thrills and chills with a trip through a haunted mansion. Led by Skelly, a clever skeleton, players participate in mini-games, brain teasers, scavenger hunts, and 33 I SPY riddles as they try to find their way out.

Although my reviewer received a complimentary product from Scholastic, all thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% her own.
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    That’s wicked cool. Both of my boys love I Spy books, so I am betting they’d like this, too. And because they’re boys, they love skeletons and all that kind of stuff, too, so I’m thinking Santa should get them a copy!

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    OOh my little iSpy lover would enjoy this. I may have to get it!

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    I’m sure that was a fun way to play it and that your daughter enjoyed it!

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