Transformers Take it to the Moon – then and now

transformersBack in the 80s, a show hit the airwaves that would completely electrify the young audience of the day. The show was called Transformers, and it was about robots that morphed from everyday objects into fantastic fighting machines (Optimus Prime was always the best!). At the time, the show was extremely popular and worked as a partner with the equally popular Transformers toys. Over the years, the Transformers franchise has become the stuff of legend, and kids of all ages have continued to love the toys and the show. Fast forward to present day, and you will find an amazing resurgence of interest in this franchise as the new Transformers movies become more popular.

There are a lot of potential reasons behind the immense popularity of Transformers franchise. For some people, the simple act of sitting down and watching a bunch of huge robots blowing each other up in the street is motivation enough to love the movies. For others, the story of the Transformers is enveloping and worthy of attention. For younger kids, the idea of being able to have toys just like the characters they see in the new movies is a big draw. Whatever the motivation, it is very clear that the overall Transformers franchise is definitely able to survive with a new generation of viewers.

Thanks to popular movie streaming services, people can easily check out the newest movies and enjoy a night with the family. The new Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is streaming on Netflix, meaning you don’t even need to wait for a disc to come in the mail. In some ways, the act of watching a movie with your family has been upgraded in the same way as the Transformers franchise. After all, the movies are significantly more advanced than the cartoon ever was, and the kids of the 80s never dreamed they’d be able to stream movies to their television over the Internet.

The final Transformers film reanimates a classic space-age conspiracy theory about aliens on the moon, the enormous robots lay in hibernation underneath the lunar surface, waiting for the right moment to teleport to the Earth and take over humankind. The Transformers story arc portrays a classic tale that will probably be popular until the end of time. The simplicity of good versus evil in action movies is a theme that almost anyone can relate to. The action is chilling, the music is sweeping, the chases are fast, and the heroics are inspiring. In the end, it’s easy to see how the Transformers could have stayed so popular for so long. The story really does offer something special for everyone who watches the movies.

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    I’ll have to be on the lookout for this on Netflix. My boys are BIG Transformers fans!

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