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win your way sweepstakesWouldn’t it be nice if you could be rewarded every time you shopped your favorite stores? You can be! As a member of my favorite rewards program, ShopYourWay Rewards, I have been collecting points while I shop. What I never realized before though,  is that there is a really great website associated with the ShopYourWay program. A site that is filled with fun member activities! One of my favorite parts of the ShopYourWay website is the Win Your Way sweepstakes section. 

Win Your Way is just one part of the ShopYourWay social shopping platform. As a member, you’ll have the chance to enter unique sweepstakes that reward winners with prizes such as jewelry, clothing, tools, gadgets, appliances, trips and those awesome ShopYourWay Reward points! 

When I logged in today, there were 87 Win Your Way sweepstakes available for me to enter! That adds up to thousands of reward points and many different prizes up for grabs for those who enter! I have already entered several and have my eye on many more. 

win your way sweepstakes shop your way rewards

Here are just two of the Win Your Way sweeps that I wanted to share with you, both have great prizes! 

Kid Tested sweep

The “Kid Tested Sweepstakes” has an amazing prize — a new stainless steel range! Each of the sweepstakes have their own rules listed and entering is easy. For this one, I had to create a new catalog named Kid Approved then add 5 kid-approved comfort foods that I feel good about feeding to my kids. A catalog is just another name for a wishlist and you can create as many as you like.

win your way kid tested sweeps

Wardrobe Sweep

The second sweep I am really excited about is the “Wardrobe Wishes” sweep. This sweep has a prize of 25,000 ShopYourWay Reward points, which has a value of $25.00! To enter this sweep, again I had to create a catalog. This time I was instructed to name it Wardrobe Wishes and add at least 5 items that I want/need to have in my closet. 

winyourway wardrobe sweep

Entering these sweeps is not only super easy, it is really fun! There were some nice deals that I hadn’t been aware of before making my catalogs. I also enjoy browsing through all of the ShopYourWay catalogs and wishlists created by other members, they are full of  great ideas and products being shared! 

How can you Win Your Way?

If you like to save money then I definitely recommend signing up for the ShopYourWay Rewards program. It’s completely free and the reward points that you earn can be spent both in store and online. I got my daughter’s school lunchbox for free using rewards points a few months ago and have already racked up almost $18 more in points since then!

Once you are a member, you’ll be eligible to enter the Win Your Way sweepstakes. Make sure to check the app out often as the sweeps change frequently and you never know what fun items they’ll be giving away as prizes! 

I love having the opportunity to earn points and enter sweeps, just for shopping at the stores I love. Of course, No purchase is necessary to enter. Please see for details.

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