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Our family loves to play together, add in a fun Wii game that lets us do that plus dance, and we’ve got an awesome few hours of family fun time! We’ve been playing Just Dance Games since we first bought our Wii. I think the whole family would agree with me when I say they are some of the funnest games we own.


Just Dance 4 is the latest addition to this super fun line of dance games. The sequels just keep getting better, we love the eclectic mix of songs on JD4 — 40 songs in all. There is something for all ages — from Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock”, to Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”, to One Direction’s “What Makes you Beautiful” and P!NK’s “So What” (a favorite!) — everyone is going to be moving to the great beat!

There are now two “Dance Modes” to choose from – Just Dance Mode & Just Sweat Mode. Just Dance has two open choreography types: Duet and Dance Crew. Then, you must work to unlock 4 more choreography Modes: Battle Mode, Dance Mash-Ups, Alternate Choreography and Non-Stop Shuffle. 

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To unlock these extras, you work to increase your “Mojo” by completing the Dance Quests for each song. 

In Just Sweat Mode, you can choose to improve your Sweat Experience with the “Dance Quests” by completing six different quests, or select the “Sweat Session” and choose a 10, 25 or 45 minute dance session.  This mode even includes a “calories burned counter!”

In both modes, you’ll be able to check out your personalize “Dancer Card” for stats on personal progress, cumulative game time, three most played songs, average stars, total calories lost, number of sweat classes played and more! This is a great tool to help motivate you if you are using the Just Dance 4 game as an exercise tool.

Personally, I think this game would be a wonderful way to sweat off some pounds! Especially at this time of year, We’ll soon be feasting on Thanksgiving turkey, pie and all of those delicious sides that the family brings to the annual dinner. I think the kids and I will be spending some of their holiday vacation time with Just Dance 4, it will be a super fun way to workout while spending time together and having a blast! Plus, I love that we can get a little competitive with each other since the game keeps track of all these stats!


We did find that Just Dance 4 has stepped up the challenge, while the layout of the game is similar to the other games, there are some really fun new dance moves to learn. My daughter has been having a lot of fun with the all of the new features, here’s what she had to say:

“When you complete a level you get these gifts. It’s called the Wheel of Gifts, and it is pretty cool. How it works is when you complete a level a bunch of different gifts come up and you get to spin them. Whatever it lands on is your gift. The gift can be anything from props the dancers have to different songs and challenges! I once got an umbrella for the song Umbrella… It’s fun to see what you get and it’s something to look forward too! :)”

Where to buy and how to stay in touch!

The Just Dance 4 game is available on Of course, you can also find this product at local retailers. For the latest Just Dance news, be sure to check out the JustDanceGame Facebook page, follow @justdancegame on Twitter and YouTube.


I wrote this review as part of the UbiChamps program and received a complimentary review item, all thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% my own.
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    I do A LOT of Zumba, but I can’t claim to know how to dance. I am always afraid of looking stupid when I play games like these (we have Just Dance Kids) and I am sure I do, but they are definitley fun AND a great workout.

  2. 3

    We are loving JD4! Zoe was thrilled to see her favorite songs she could dance too. Impressed with this one:)

  3. 4

    Having fun for hours with just dance 4 game anytime! lol!


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