Knitting For Kids book review by my sister

knitting for kids book review

Knitting for Kids by Paula Hammerskog & Eva Wincent is filled with over 40 patterns sweaters, hats, & more to knit for your little ones. And I do love knitting for little ones. Children’s clothes work up quick & turn out so cute. The wonderful thing about the patterns in this book is, they’re timeless. Anything you make from this book today will still be relevant & beautiful 5-10-20 years from now. These are classic designs.

The book is lap-sized, so if you’re like me & sit & knit while watching TV, it fits perfect right there in your lap. The printing is big enough & the full color photos are clear enough that you can just give a glance downward every now & again to make sure you’re doing things right. As someone who’s used to reading knit patterns I had no trouble whatsoever reading & following the patterns in this book.

knitting sweater baby

Only have a few hours? Whip up a striped beanie. If you’re looking to make a larger investment of time & effort, the christening gown on page 49 is absolutely gorgeous. The baby cardigan (4 variations) can be made in under a weekend. There’s something in here for just about every level of knitting expertise.

With the holidays fast approaching, this book would make a wonderful gift for the knitter on your list. Or if you’re the knitter, there’s still plenty of time to make a few of the patterns for that special child in your life

knitting for kids book

About the Knitting For Kids Authors:

Paula Hammerskog is a communication consultant and the author of several books, including Swedish Knits. She has been an avid knitter for many years and lives in Sweden.

Eva Wincent has been running her own knitting business for twenty years. She is among Sweden’s most prolific and respected knitters. She resides in Sweden.

Where to find it!

Knit for kids is available from Skyhorse publishing. You can also find this product very reasonably priced at

Although my reviewer received a complimentary product, all thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% her own.
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    This looks like a great book. I’ve been wanting to learn to knit for a while now, but I am so behind on my scrapbooking that I just can’t start another hobby until I catch up.

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    This does look like a great (and unique too) book to give a knitter for the holidays. I like the modern pictures too.

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    Knitting is such a great skill, My daughter likes to crotchet and bet she would love learning to do things like this for her to be here cousin in January!


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