Three budget-friendly Homemade Christmas gift ideas

christmas giftsChristmas is fast approaching and if you haven’t started thinking about gifts then it might be a good idea to start now! If you’re looking for some Christmas gift inspiration for your husband or brother, you may have already read my article named Four Gift Ideas for Men this Holiday Season. But this blog post will show you some great Christmas gift ideas for the whole family.

As you know, Christmas is an expensive time of year. Some people begin saving a few months before so they can get all their gifts without feeling too strapped for cash in December. We have put together a few money-saving gift ideas, so you can still enjoy going shopping, having meals out and playing binguez in November and December, without feeling strapped for cash.

Make your own photo calendar

There’s nothing more sentimental and lovely than creating a photo calender full of family memories. You can even add in your family’s birthdays and choose the backgrounds, color schemes, fonts and more. There are various websites you can create personalised calendars on, or if you’re good with computers, you could make and print off your own using InDesign.

Home made jam and chutney

If your friends and family are foodies, then why not make them some jam or chutney to have with cheese? Making a batch of jam is pretty cheap and makes really nice thoughtful presents. Plus, you could even design your very own jam jar labels; you could give your jam a name, list the ingredients and even design your own logo.

Make your own chocolate bars

Big boxes of chocolate can be very over-priced, especially in the run up to Christmas. Everyone loves receiving chocolate so why not make yours unique by crafting it yourself? Simply melt value milk chocolate in a pan and pour it into moulds. Here you can add in your family’s favorite fillings, whether that’s raisins and nuts or cookie chunks and marshmallows. Leave to set then drizzle with white chocolate and sprinkle with desiccated coconut to finish it off. Wrap it in tissue paper and give them out to your family and friends.


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  1. 1

    I am uber lazy, so the photo calendar is probably the only thing I would make on this list LOL. However, I think I would cry tears of joy if someone gave me some homemade jam – I love gifts like that and I know the amount of time that goes into making it, so I would really appreciate it.

  2. 3

    Mmmm, I never thought to make my own chocolate bars. I’ve dipped things and done that, but not entire bars. The possibilities….

  3. 4

    I love these ideas, especially the chocolate since the kids could be involved too.

    We do photo calendars every year and love them. If I didn’t have mine, I’d forget everyone’s birthday, anniversary, what have you…

  4. 5

    Hi Henrietta,
    I read your blog its very interesting and your Home made Christmas Gift ideas are really innovative.
    I like your ideas but in the all ideas I most like make your own chocolate bars ideas is fantastic.
    Thanks For Sharing this lovely blog..

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