Perry’s Ice Cream taste test party! What’s your favorite?

Perry's LogoIt may be fall but that doesn’t mean my family will stop enjoying our favorite snack — ice cream! I think we could all eat a bowl everyday, if we let ourselves! When we are stocking up on this treat, we gravitate towards one of our favorite regional brands, Perry’s Ice Cream. 

Growing up, Perry’s Ice Cream was a household staple. I don’t think there was ever a time where we didn’t have at least one Perry’s product in the freezer. My dad and I loved to share Perry’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, Nutty Sundae Cones and fudgesicles. The familiar wrapping is still clear in my memory!

1980's and 1990's Perry's Products

To this day, those Perry’s products are still my three favorite ice cream snacks. There is nothing as enjoyable as peeling the paper wrapping off of an ice cream sandwich and taking that first lick, all the way around the outside! I always like to save the wafers for last, squeezing out the ice cream with each bite, mmm!

After almost 100 years in the business, Perry’s is still making their ice cream one batch at a time with their slow cook method. The Akron, New York business has been family owned for 4 generation and each generation has committed to making sure they “put enough of the good stuff” into their products. I have to say once you have had a taste of Perry’s Ice Cream, you will really appreciate the rich creamy texture that Perry’s gets from using farm fresh milk and old fashioned methods. They are one of the few ice cream companies that still make their ice cream this way! Perry’s is definitely one of the reasons I love living in Northwestern PA! 

late night ice cream party with Perry's

Last weekend, our family had a late night Perry’s ice cream party. No reason, just for the love of ice cream! When I broke out all of the quarts of Perry’s ice cream that I had stocked up on as a Perry’s Inside Scoopers blogger, you should have seen the way my family’s eyes lit up! I didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm to do a little taste testing :).

We kept things simple and served hot fudge, caramel and mini chips alongside as toppings. I wanted to find out which flavor was the favorite so we started tasting. I’ll tell you a secret — I had a carton of Perry’s Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream delivered to my door not long ago. But, I didn’t tell anyone. After trying one bite, I knew I didn’t want to share this seasonal flavor! Isn’t that awful of me? That Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream is AH-MAZING! I did finally let everyone taste it at our party, good mama!

Perry's ice cream party

We took our jobs seriously and faithfully tested each and every flavor from Cherry Panda Paws, All Natural Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookie Dough, All Natural Maple Walnut, Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie, it took us quite a while to try them all! Our son Tom and his girlfriend Anna were loving the party just as much as our younger daughter, Pie. And, as you can tell by the look on my hubby Chris’ face, it was a very enjoyable evening.

So, which ice cream do you think was the favorite?

According to all three kids, and my hubby, Perry’s Cookie Dough ice cream was the winner. I must admit, it is delicious and if it weren’t for the pumpkin pie, I may have chosen it too. That Pumpkin Pie ice cream though, it has bits of super flaky crunchy pie crust in it. Not to mention the whipped cream swirls – Oh man is it tasty!

The Family’s Choice Winner :)

Perry's ice cream cookie dough


Where to buy and how to stay in touch!

Perry’s Ice Cream is available in 75 different flavors! You can find Perry’s in a store or at a stand near you using the Perry’s Ice Cream flavor finder. To keep up to date with Perry’s promotions, coupons and delicious new flavors, check out the Perry’s Ice Cream Facebook page and follow @perrysicecream on Twitter.

Which Perry’s ice Cream flavor would you choose?

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I am part of the Perry’s Ice Cream Inside Scoopers program and received products to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% my own.
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  1. 1

    I wish you would have invited me over to try out all of the goodies! Perry’s Ice Cream looks delicious!

  2. 3

    I would pick cookie dough – it looks delicious!

  3. 4

    I’ve never even heard of Perry’s ice cream. I’m thinking it must not be available here in Boston. Either way, I am a coffee or an oreo cookie ice cream type of girl. Yum.

  4. 5

    I don’t think we have Perry’s around here. A shame since it was 80 degrees out this “fall” day. LOL.

  5. 7

    All you without Perry’s is missing out on the best!!! I wasn’t invited why? From those flavors you have I am dying to try the apple pie but my fav is Blueberry Cheesecake, yum yum yum!!

  6. 9

    Holy Smokes that looks like the mother of all ice cream parties! I love eating ice cream when it is all soft and runny like that, yum.

  7. 10

    We don’t have Perry’s Ice Cream here, but I’d pick Vanilla. I like to keep it simple – and then hot fudge to it!

    Your party looks like a BLAST!

  8. 11

    You had me at pumpkin pie!!!!!


  9. 13

    Are you kidding? An ice cream party…yes please!

  10. 14

    I’m not normally a huge fan of icecream because I have sensitive teeth… but that apple pie ice cream looks worth the pain lol

  11. 15

    No question – cookie dough is always my favorite…or anything with caramel.

  12. 16

    It sounds so good! I wish it was sold down here. :(


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