Four Gift Ideas for Men this Holiday Season

gift box Christmas - image by flickr user mysza831Sometimes, finding the right holiday gifts for the men in your life can be a truly daunting task. If you want to pick a safe choice, a functional gift that helps to enhance the gift recipient’s daily life is a great selection. These gifts can include anything from personal care products to the latest electronics. What type of guy do you have to buy for this year?

Personal Care products for the sensitive dude

Although skincare for men is sometimes neglected, you can help your boyfriend or husband practice good skin practices with a few useful gifts. Most men shave regularly, which can put their facial skin at risk of damage. If you want to give a thoughtful and practical gift, consider giving your husband a new shaving kit or a set of quality shaving accessories. My husband always gets excited when he unwraps a new electric razor! You can also consider a few other skin products, such as luxurious soaps and shampoos. Guys like to be pampered too!

Electronic Gadgets for the tech guy

If your husband or boyfriend loves electronics, consider picking some new gadgets he doesn’t have yet. For example, if he loves to read, buy him a snazzy new e-reader. With an e-reader, he can pick up thousands of books without filling your home’s bookshelves. During his long commute on the bus or lunch break each day, he can catch up on the latest classics in the book world or even read an electronic magazine. You can also consider a few other useful electronics, such as tablets or a new MP3 player. With a tablet, your guy can stay connected to online news and email all day. Ooh, you can send him daily love notes!

Clothes for the stylish man

When you’re shopping for men, clothing is always a good gift option. You can look for some casual choices, such as comfortable sweatshirts with their favorite team logos and casual t-shirts, or opt for stylish upgrades to your husband’s business attire. If you don’t know the clothing size of the man you’re shopping for, you can always play it safe and choose something that has no specific size, such as cool patterned socks, a hat, tie or scarf.

A new watch, so he’s always on time

Although many men don’t usually wear jewelry, a new watch can be a very thoughtful gift. My guy LOVES watches and giving him one is like handing him a 10 pound box of chocolates, even if I do have to set it for him. If you do end up shopping for a watch, think about the person who will receive it. There are so many types of watches that cater to different lifestyles, try to pick one that matches your recipient’s life. If your brother loves mountain climbing, choose a watch that is flexible and functional for his hobby. If your husband works as a graphic designer, pick a bold and whimsical design to inspire his creativity.

Don’t let shopping for your favorite men put a damper on your holiday joy. Think about items that offer great functionality as you complete your holiday shopping.


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    Good list! I think an e-reader is a great guy gift too. I’ve seen more than once where a guy says not interested only to love it once they have it.

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    I seem to buy watches quite often!

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