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ingenuity bright starts cozy cooWhere was this swing 12 years ago? I had thought the swing we received at our baby shower way back in 2000 was super cool because you could lift the tray instead of trying to stuff a sweetly sleeping baby-with-dangling-jello-legs into the older style my son used. This swing is way cooler. Way.

Nowadays, swings have an open design, much like a car seat with the harnesses to safely hold them in place. The InGenuity™ Cozy Coo™ Sway Seat by Bright Starts has everything baby could ever want in a swing! 

The swing seat rotates 180° for either a “cradling” motion, which provides a side-to-side movement, or a “swinging” motion, which provides a traditional front-to-back movement.

Instead of a front to back swinging motion, the Cozy Coo Sway Seat “sways” from side to side. It is a wide, gentle motion that I think a baby would enjoy. Since the seat sways from side to side, it also seems to take up much less floor space. Front to back swings need to be pulled out from the wall when in use while the Cozy Coo Sway Seat can easily move from side to side while close to the wall. 

ingenuity cozy coo sway seat

We received the Sumner Fashion style Cozy Coo Sway Seat. I think this is a nice neutral seat for either a boy or girl, perfect for gift giving! It was easy to put together, the included instruction booklet was easy to follow. A few features that we really like are the wide, sturdy base. This swing sits firmly on the ground and doesn’t jiggle or feel wobbly at all. The attached mobile comes with 3 adorable stuffed toys that gently move with the motion of the seat.

The seat cover is very smooth and soft to the touch, there is just enough cushion to make a cozy resting spot for baby. 

The innovative control unit, powered by Hybridrive™ Technology, is more efficient than any comparable swing and provides more than 2X the battery life. TrueSpeed™ technology maintains 6 swing speeds, even as baby grows, while Whisper Quiet™ operates with peaceful swinging for both baby and mom, and a little extra nap time for both!

The control unit on this baby swing has nice large buttons for each feature. Starting from the far right, there is a button for sounds, volume control, motion, vibration, timer and on/off switch. Little lights show you your current selections. The timer feature on the Cozy Coo is nice, you can set the swing to sway, vibrate and play a sound for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. You can have all three going at once, or any combination of the three. Let me just say, these buttons are so much better than the old fashioned hand crank swings both of my children had!

ingenuity cozy coo infant swing

I didn’t realize it until just now, but the swing seat also adjusts to three different positions using a lever at the back of the swing. Nice! The infant bolster can be removed once baby is bigger and the swing will hold baby until he or she is 25 pounds. Also, I love that the swing can be powered by either 4 D batteries, or plugged in to the wall. The cord is nice and long so it will more than likely reach the spot you need it to. All of these features, combined with a few more, make this swing a great choice! 

  • Unique swivel motion: the more natural way to soothe baby
  • Compact design takes up 30% less space than full-sized swings
  • Plug-in or battery operated: money and energy savings powered by Hybridrive™
  • Cradling seat with deluxe fabrics and removable infant bolster system
  • 3 adjustable positions with Comfort Recline™
  • TrueSpeed™ technology maintains multiple speeds even as baby grows
  • Soothing vibrations, 8 calming melodies plus 3 nature sounds
  • Mobile with plush toys to entertain baby
  • Swing timer with settings for 30, 45 and 60 minutes
  • WhisperQuiet™ operation
This is just a quick little video just to show that the vibration and swaying motion truly are quiet. At the end, I have all three going and you can barely hear anything other than the soothing melody.

Where to buy and how to stay in touch!

You can find Ingenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seats by Bright Starts available for purchase at Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and other local and online retailers. To keep up to date with promotions and fun new items like this one, check out the Ingenuity Baby Facebook page, follow @IngenuityBaby on Twitter and Ingenuity on Pinterest.

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    I like this for my nephew…He will like this kind of cart also…Thanks a lot for giving some information about this..

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    Now that is the coolest! I loved my baby swing when I was a Mama to babies. It really helped to get babies to sleep and help me to have some hands free time!

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    I like that the swinging motion is side to side, like a parent would do it. They look great too!

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